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Teaching Practice 3
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn vocabulary related to the feelings evoked through music in films. Students will complete a vocabulary matching exercise followed by drilling, feedback, pronunciation exercises, and further use of the new vocabulary in context. Students will listen to music and imagine how the music makes them feel, followed by controlled and freer exercises to further practice the TL in context.


Abc How do I feel?
Abc Workbook - Vocabulary and Listening
Abc Listening activity chart
Abc Match the words with similar meanings
Abc Mission impossible

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of Vocabulary relating to Feelings in the context of Music for Film

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about Music for Film
  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a Discussion in the context of Music for Film


Warmer (0-1 minutes) • To introduce the topic of Music for Film

T plays a short excerpt for a theme song from a popular film which Ss will know ( Mission Impossible). To asks students if they can guess the movie the music is from. T asks Ss if the music evokes any certain feeling.

Test of known TL (3-5 minutes) • To test Ss current knowledge of the TL

T gives Ss a quick test activity asking Ss to individually match the new vocabulary to words with a similar meaning they may already know. ICQ's - Are you matching the words with a similar or different meaning? Are you working independently or in a pair? After 1 min, Ss may check in pairs. WC check answers and feedback

Teach the TL (13-16 minutes) • To teach Ss the language items they don't know & revise the words they do.

Convey/ check meaning of TL. For unknown words, try to elicit a meaning from Ss. Check that Ss have understood correctly through CCQ's ( eg. If I have an exam tomorrow am I excited? No, I am anxious). Pronunciation - Drill TL Write TL on the board for Ss to record.

Test (4-6 minutes) • To test whether Ss have understood the TL

T gives Ss instructions for the next task. T asks CCQ's to ensure understanding. Hand out task, How do I feel? Ss complete task in groups. T monitors Ss for feedback and takes note of any troublesome words. For feedback, T has Ss read aloud some of the responses to ensure understanding and accuracy of context of the TL

Listening for Gist (2-4 minutes) • To have Ss listen to the track and note the feelings mentioned.

T hands out workbook page 36. T brings Ss attention to the pictures on the page. T asks Ss to read the short excerpt about Andy Price. T gives instructions to Ss regarding the upcoming listening activity ( Listening : Page 36. Q1). T asks ICQ's to ensure Ss understanding. T plays track. Ask Ss to give feedback on what feelings were mentioned in the piece.

Listening for Specific Information (3-5 minutes) • For Ss to listen for specific information relating to the task.

Have Ss complete this task individually. Ask Ss to read Listening, Q.2. Once Ss have read the questions, ask Ss to clarify the word 'audience'. Check Ss understand the task though CCQ's. T should be prepared to pause the recording between paragraphs if necessary. Ss may then check their answers in pairs. T has different Ss read out the final answers for feedback.

Speaking PreTask (4-5 minutes) • To have Ss listen to music and fill in the chart.

T continues the theme of music by asking Ss how music makes them feel. T elicits responses from the Ss by asking questions ( what type of music do you like to listen to when exercising? When driving? When you want to relax?) T brings Ss attention to the chart HO and instructs Ss about the listening task. Ss complete the task as a group (numbered 1-4) T plays the tack for Ss, pausing after each song, giving Ss time to write.

Freer Speaking (4-6 minutes) • To have Ss discuss the topic in a group and use the TL in context to talk about the music they listened to.

Once track is finished, Ss are then asked to group together - all no. 1's together, no. 2's together, through to 4. Each group then discusses the theme they imagined for that song. Monitor Groups while discussing for feedback, listening for use of TL in context and correct pronunciation. If any errors noted, place there on the board to correct after. Ask each group to give a summary of what the music made them feel, what was happening, and where the scene took place.

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