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Days of the week, Nationalities vocab," Wh" question words,Simple Present Verb "to be"
Beginner A1 level


In this lesson,ss learn about the days of the week through exposure based on a reading and a listening text which gives them basic information about an international school.The lesson starts with some pictures used to brainstorm ideas related to the reading .This is followed by scan reading the text .Then there is going to be some practice on "wh" question words through a guided listening activity and a game .The lesson ends up with a free practice which enables ss to ask and answer questions after getting information from a reading text.


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Abc Straight Forward Beginner SsBk-U 3c-p 28-p 29 ex 3&4
Abc Straight Forward Beginner CD tr:53
Abc Word cards
Abc White board
Abc Markers
Abc Reading handout 1
Abc CD player
Abc Listening question and answer strips.( A & B)
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Main Aims

  • Reading and Listening

Subsidiary Aims

  • Verb "to be" mainly used in "wh" questions ,nationalities vocab,days of the week


Icebreaker (5-7 minutes) • Familiarising ss with the days of the week

Hang man game.I think of a day of the week ,write only one letter ,ask ss to hazard guesses and spell out the letters.The word should be found before the man is hung! The game might be repeated for one more" day" if needed and the rest of the days will be written with capital letters and repeated for the sake of correct pronunciation and stress.

Stage 1-Brainstorming through pictures (5-7 minutes) • Activating schemata through a pre-reading task

I show ss some pictures to set the scene for them ,elicit info and pre-teach new words by drawing a mind map.

Stage 2 -Reading (3-5 minutes) • Scan to find specific info

I write 2 questions on the WB ,distribute the handouts and ask ss to read the text to find the info. 1-What is UNİS ? 2-Where is UNİS ?

Stage 3- Listening (10-12 minutes) • Scan to find specific info

I devide the class into two groups :the As & the Bs . Give them instructions. Distribute strips. I play the CD for them. The As have to put the questions in proper order. The Bs have to put the answers in correct order. I demo the first one for both groups,then give them the strips. Second time they listen and check. Third time they listen As go to Bs to find the answer to their question. Fourth time they listen for a final check.

Stage 4- Jumbled question game (12-14 minutes) • To enable ss to phrase questions.

I ask ss to put the jumbled questions in correct order . The first one done by me as an example. The school info will be provided for them on the wall (4 copies)around the room. Then they will go to the wall to find the answer to their questions.

Stage 5- Role play • Oral production of the language learned.

If time allows, I give pairs some time to practise ,then role play.

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