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Elif CELIK 19 Nov 2013 Work/Employment -'Have to / Has to/ Had to' Grammer L/R
Pre-Intermediate level


The lesson's main focus is on using ''have to /has to, had to'' forms within simple present and simple past tense in the context of employment. The lesson starts with Lead-in where teacher elicits jobs and their role by using have to/has to , had to form. 6-8 new vocabulary will be pre-taught in order to ease the level of upcoming reading and listening activities. First listening will be a freer task with WC(Game). The second listening activity is more detailed from the script. The ss are expected to learn forms of ''have to'' in past and present simple tense. If time allows, reading and listening skills will be practiced.


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Main Aims

  • to provide verb forms of ''have to/has to'' within Present Simple and Past Simple tense within employment context.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give ss both listening and controlled reading practice for detail.


Lead-In (5-7 minutes) • To engage the ss with the topic

The teacher elicits associative words in the context of jobs and pre-teaches relative vocabulary.

Pre- Listening- 1- ''A job name game'' (10-15 minutes) • to get ss use forms of ''have to'' and practice listening

After demo, ''A job name game'' , a short activity will take place with WC.

Detailed Listening- Exercise 1 b) (7-10 minutes) • to practice the pre-taught vocabulary

Ss complete the exercises, 1a) as a group. Then, Listening for detail takes place and ss do exercises 1 b) and 1 c) as an individual work. .

Reading 1-2 (8-15 minutes) • to practice ss reading skills

R1- Pair Work- Ss pre- read the text and fill in the gaps and then check with their partners. A quick FB will be provided as a WC. R2- Pair work /GW- Ss work in pairs/groups to answer the questions.

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