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Jobs lesson
beginner level


In this lesson, ss will have written grammar practice on asking and answering questions about names, countries and jobs. This will be followed by a mimming game where ss try to show to their group and group members try to guess the job. Finally, there is a mingle role play activity in which ss take a new identity according to the cards they are given to practice pronunciation and oral skills and contextualize the vocabulary.


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Main Aims

  • To give controlled oral practice of TL in the context of personal information about names, countries and mainly jobs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide controlled written practice of TL


Stage 1 (lead in) (10-15 minutes) • To introduce aim of the lesson and to make the context interesting for students.

-have the projector ready -hand out worksheets -give 5-6 minutes for filling the gaps -check the answers together -put them into pairs to practice the dialogues -chose some pairs to do the conversations in open class -correct pronunciation problems as necessary

stage 2 (10 minutes) • to give controlled oral practice of TL and to make the student more active

- show the flashcards and say let's play a mimming game - tell the activity in simple words - demontrate the activity - put the students into groups -give a set of cards to each group -ss take it in turns to mime a job and their group guesses. - choral drilling after each vocabulary

stage 3 (15-20 minutes) • to provide oral skills and to interact the students each other

-give each student a role card and don't allow them to look each other's cards. -tell students that the information on their role card is their new identity. point out the signs for male and females. -ss look at the pictures on their cards and complete the words for the country and the job. monitor and check that the students have written the correct words. - give students time to memorise their new identity. -ss move around the room and introduce themselves to each other. Before they begin, tell students that they must try to remember other peoples names, countries and jobs, but they are not allowed to write anything down. -write these on the board. Hello my name is...... what's your name? Nice to meet you. Where are you from? I am from ... What's your job? I am a / an ....... - Finally ask each student to tell the class about another student's new identity.

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