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E-shopping TP 4 Session 1/3
Intermediate level


In this section of the lesson, students will practice a range of receptive readings skills by undertaking a number of reading activities, both individual and group work, in the context of E-shopping. In the first activity students will practice scan reading (reading for specific information) by being presented with a number of scenarios with the task of choosing the right link to click on on a picture of an e-shopping website. The second activity will allow students to practice skim reading (reading for gist) in small groups by matching descriptions of stores with the store names. The third activity will require students to use intensive reading skills (reading for detail) to determine which stores offer which services.


Abc E-shopping reading Ex. 1
Abc Ex. 2-3 Shop descriptions
Abc Cut outs

Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan and detailed reading practice using a text about an online shopping site in the context of E-shopping.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for shopping in the context of e-shopping
  • To provide writing practice of a short e-store description in the context of e-shopping
  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversational setting in the context of e-shopping.


Lead-In (3-4 minutes) • Welcome students, set the context and link content to previous lessons and students

- "What did you learn about yesterday?".."In the past session?", Discuss - Revise some content from previous lesson - Ask students if they know any other types of shopping.....where they don't have to physically go into the store. - Tell students that today we will be talking about E-shopping.

Ex. 1 Scan Reading Activity (8-10 minutes) • To practice Scan Reading (reading for specific information)

- "Now we will do a reading activity" - Show students page 90 and point to exercise 1. - Look at the sentences and find which link you would click. - Tell students that they will be working alone. - Hand students Reading ex. 1 from page 98 of the text book and the picture of the e-shopping webpage. Check they have understood instructions. - Please work alone - While students undertake activity project picture of site onto the white board. - give students time to complete activity. - assign 5 students a-e.... ask them to come to white board and put the letter next to correct link.

Ex. 2 Skim Reading (reading for gist) (8-11 minutes) • To practice reading for gist

- Ask students to look at some of the shop titles on the webpage. - Choose one and ask students what types of goods and/or services they sell and/provide. – generate a brief discussion. - Ask students to get into groups of 3. - Show students the descriptions on page 133 of the text book. - Tell students that they will be reading through and finding what shop name goes with the descriptions. - Write the name of the shop at the top of the description. - One shop name with each description. - Ask ICQ’s while handing out descriptions - Tell students they have only a few minutes so they should read quickly. - All students should agree on the shop name - Ask for one shop name from different groups in WC discussion

Lexis (4-5 minutes) • To review lexis from the descriptions and pre-teach vocabulary from Ex. 3 Questions

- divide students into three groups. - tell them that we will now have a little competition. - İ sill say the meanings of words and İ want you to shout out the word." - first team to shout out the correct answer gets a point. - write up point table on WB. - Check understanding of task. work through lexis e.g. "there is a verb that means....?? İn description 3, " - Start with "competition" Other lexis items listed in separate language analysis sheet

Ex. 3 Intensive Reading (reading for detailed information) (7-8 minutes) • To practice Intensive reading skills for detailed information

- Hand each group a table hand-out so they can put a mark in the right column. Tell them to put the name of the three shops in the top columns - Tell students that in their groups each student should focus on ONE description. ASK ICQ’S to make sure they get the instructions for this right. - Tell them that I want them to read and answer the questions in Ex. 3. - One student focus on one shop. All students answer all the questions. Ask İCQ's to ensure they understand the task. - As students work write out services and shops table on the white board. - As students finish give them cut outs of “shop names” (i.e. discount, competitions…etc) and get student to put the relevant services next to the goods and services offered. - Have whole class discussion to check answers and ask why?

OPTIONAL: Speaking exercise (11-13 minutes) • Provide a writing exercise for fluency practice in the context of E-shopping

- Ask students what they think about the goods and services offered in the stores. - Ask if there was anything they thought was missing..... If they had a shop. - Tell students that in their groups I want them to come up with an e-store idea. Think about what goods and what services your shop will offer. - Tell students that in their groups I want them to write a short description of THEIR e-store. - Give students time. - After activity allow students to present their ideas to the class. (we can vote for the best shop)

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