Yara Khartash Yara Khartash

Listening comprehension
upper-intermediate level


In this lesson, students revise the tenses by discussing pictures about the twentieth century and matching them with specific dates. Then, they practice listening for gist by deciding which picture the conversation is taking about. Next, Students listen for details to correct what they have filled in the blanks. Finally they discuss what they heard and the new words they learnt.


Main Aims

  • Practicing students' listening skills for gist and for checking specific understanding and grammatical accuracy. .

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking practice (in the context of discussing great 20th centry eents), revision of verb tenses


Warming up (5-8 minutes) • Getting the students into the classroom atmosphere and encouraging the speaking process

Teacher starts by collecting information about the twentieth century. Students sum up the century with one word. Students then discuss a picture of the events in the twentieth century.

Speaking (5-12 minutes) • to practice speaking and build background knowledge

Students work in pairs to discuss the pictures on page 4 and give feed back to the other class. Then students match the pictures with the dates.

Listening 1 (5-10 minutes) • for gist

Students write the names of the speakers in the conversation and then listen to match the pictures with the speakers. (individual work)

paper work (5-8 minutes) • to revise tenses

Students fill in the blanks with the appropriate tense. They may circle the time reference which indicate the tense.

Listening for details (5 minutes) • to listen for details

Students listen to make sure their answers are correct

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