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Teaching Practice 4
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will practice the usage and meanings of the narrative past verb forms: Simple past, Past continuous and Past perfect. They will review the definitions and uses, complete controlled activities and end the grammar lesson with a semi-controlled speaking activity.


Abc Grammar activitiy 2 for OHP
Abc Grammar hand-out exerzise 1 and 2
Abc Narrative tenses hand-out
Abc White board
Abc Narrative tenses ex 6. answer key
Abc Remembering the Past sentences to complete

Main Aims

  • For the students to practice and appropriately use the past (narrative) forms: simple past. past continuous, and past perfect

Subsidiary Aims

  • For students to practice speaking about the past in more detail with a freer practice activity.


Grammar (10-12 minutes) • To review and clarify the narrative past tenses and their uses.

Introduce the Grammar hand out. CHEST the Grammar side and instruct. Hand-out PW- students work in pairs FB Whole class While board and ask for an example from the class: (see default examples only if no examples are given by ss) Past Simple past I-----------x-------------i present ex. The doorbell rang. Fenerbahce won CCQ- did it happen in the past? (yes) Did it continue happening? (no) Past continuous past I-------xxxxxxxxxx---------I present ex. I was eating dinner. It was raining. I was making dinner when my friend arrived. CCQ- did the action happen in the past? (yes) did it end or continue happening? (yes) Past perfect past I--------pp--------ps--------I present ex.: When I arrived at the station, the metro had left. As he had predicted, Fenerbahce won the match. CCQs When did he arrive at the station? (in the past) when did the metro leave? Which happened first? Past perfect is used in the action which happens before the main action. We hadn't expected it to rain. CCQs did it rain? (yes) when? (in the past) did we expect it? (no) We hadn't seen each other in years. CCQs did we see each other? (yes) when? in the past but did we see each other before (for years? (no)

Grammar Practice 2 (5-8 minutes) • To practice the grammar (controlled activities)

Introduce Grammar activity 2 Demo if necessary Sts work individually to complete, compare answers with PW FB with OHP

Grammar Practice 6 and 7 - Gap-fill and dialogue (10-12 minutes) • for students to practice the grammar further

Change pairs: Introduce ex 6 FOLD PAPER Grammar practice - Narrative tenses 6 Gap-fill PW- Ss complete the gap-fill hand out answer key and FB if needed. Grammar Practice- Narrative tenses 7 PW- Ss complete the dialog answer sentences FB whole class

Speaking (Groups activity) (8-10 minutes) • For students to use the grammar in question/answer

PW first students read with their pairs, the Q/A activity they just completed (changing roles) Divide the groups into 2 or 3 groups ONE person asks ONE question from the ex.7 activity each member in the group answers the question with a different answer. Change question and Change questioner

Speaking (Mingle activity) (8-12 minutes) • For students to use past tenses in a personal expression about their past

If there is still time!!!! hand out the "Remembering the Past" sentences to the groups. Each student chooses 1 or 2 to complete with a personal memory from their past. Stand up, find a friend to share your memory. Friend responds with a related question of their choice. Answer your friend's question. Mingle.

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