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Teaching Practice 3
Upper Intermediate. level


This lesson will further develop the student's receptive skills: Reading and Listening. The lesson will start with an understanding of the word "right," in its multiple meanings. A warm up will activate and energize the students in the topic of homonyms. The lesson will then center around a quiz-reading (scan) and a listening (first for specific information and then in greater detail) to answer quiz questions and more in-depth comprehension questions.


Abc Homonym matching game
Abc white board
Abc "RIGHT" Hand-out sheet
Abc Blue Listening sheet
Abc Warmer-Game answer key
Abc "Listen and Answer" sheet (listening for detail)
Abc Listening 1.16-1.17
Abc Listening 1.18

Main Aims

  • Receptive Skills: Reading (scanning) and Listening (for specific information and for detail) For the students to be able to scan the quiz text to choose the appropriate answer. For Ss to listen for specific detail and then more closely for detail, answering to the comprehention activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking and Vocabulary (Homonym) "Right"- For students to know and be able to identify, as well as speak, using the various uses of the word "right."


Warmer - Two (or three) teams Homonyms Matching Game (7-10 minutes) • A warmer game which activates the students. For students to have fun and speak to each other and share their background knowledge of some vocabulary in order to clarify the homonyms.

Write the words on the board 2 times: Can, Spring, Kind, Reservation, Park Ask the students what they think these words are, why I wrote them twice.... Ask the meaning(s) of the words :) Possible CCQ's Is this a verb we use when we are able to do something? Is this a metal container we can drink juice or cola from? Is this a season where the flowers bloom? Is this a coil (draw on the board) that is inside a bed (mattress) or used in a pen? Is this a word we can use to describe a person? how about when we talk about many different things.....(kind)? Can we make a reservation for plane tickets or at a restaurant? Can we feel this way if we are hesitating or are unsure? Show the Homonym Image (definition) Tell the students we will be playing a GAME. Split the class into two or three groups. Give them the homonym matching game cards. Explain in demo "Park" matching with "Park" 4 minutes - get as many matches as they can! Some of them are tricky!!!!!! Don't worry if they don't know some of the words. Try to match the words they do know! Give Homonyms answer key for after-class refernce.

Vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • To review and practice the usage of the multiple meanings of "right" through worksheet activities.

Introduce the word "right" as our (homonym) word of focus. Ask the students how many meanings of "right" they can think of. -correct -direction/on one side -something you are allowed to do or have -exactly, immediately, completely "RIGHT" Hand-out sheet FOLD to Hand-out Ex.1 Mark the sentences which mean "correct" PW- students complete Ex 1. in pairs and discuss. FB with another pair (use this S activity time to make the chart on the Whiteboard) see workbook vocal 2A Hand-out Ex. 2 Match the other meanings to the sentences left. PW-students complete Ex. 2 in pairs and discuss FB WC on the board with a chart: (have student's come up to fill in the chart with the number sentence under the meaning)

Listening for Gist ex 1 - "right" (3-5 minutes) • Two examples for students to listen to "right" in different usages.

Hand out the Blue "Listening" sheet FOLD to show bottom part only Audio 1-16 and 1-17 Match the best explanation to the listening samples answers: #1 second speaker #2 first speaker

Reading and Listening (Scanning and Listening for specific information) QUIZ ex.1 reading listening ex.2 (8-10 minutes) • to read the quiz and scan for the correct answers. Listen for specific information to self-correct their quiz.

Re-pair Ss: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Taking a quiz before reading or hearing the text! Is this the "right" way to do it? :) Hand out the Quiz (ex.1) Ask Ss to read the quiz individually and choose their answers. When finished - compare answers with a partner. Play the Listening 1.18 as an answer key. Write the QUIZ answer key on the board. FB

Listening for Detail (10-14 minutes) • For students to listen more carefully to the detail of the audio for deeper comprehension.

"Listen & Answer" sheet. Ask students to read the questions and in pairs try to remember as much as they can to answer some of the questions. Students listen again, this time for detail Play the audio Students discuss the answers (play audio again if needed) FB

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