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Uppper Intermediate, B2 level


In this lesson Student are going to listen a track about art, from the course book. Before reading the teacher introduces the topic and questions about art. Then, they listen to the track and answer three questions as a whole class. Teacher divides the classroom into three groups. Later on, teacher gives a handout in which they will find the words that they aren’t familiar with. They are going to write on the board the known and unknown words. After this stage, teacher gives them another handout in which they are going to fill the blanks and compare with their friends. After answering this exercise teacher divides the class into three groups. In this stage students visit an art gallery and they buy two pictures. They make a discussion about the pictures they have bought and they explain the reasons to the class. If there is time there is another listening which is quite simple and they match sentences to make a meaningful dialogue


Abc Hand out1, Find the unknown and known words
Abc Gap-fill handout exercise3

Main Aims

  • Listening an interview about art

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking about art, especiallly paintings.


Lead in (2-4 minutes) • To present the topic.

Students work in pairs and teacher asks three questions: , • Which pictures or photos do you have on the walls of your home? • Which picture has the greatest personal value? • Which do you like most and least?

Stage 1, Pre-teach vocabulary (10-15 minutes) • To teach the unknown vocabulary in the text

Teacher gives a handout in which there are unknown words. Students write them on the board to the sections. Whiteboard has two sections; known and unknown words. Teacher instructs students to explain the unknown words to each other.

Stage 2; Listening for specific information (15-17 minutes) • To practice the vocabulary just learnt.

Students listen the text two times and they answer the questions in he second handout. They find specific information in the text. After the first listening teacher can question if they have understood the general topic

Stage 3, Art Gallery, Role play (8-10 minutes) • To practice the target vocabulary

Students are divided in three groups and they walk around an art gallery. They practice the vocabulary about art which they have learnt. Some pictures are really famous and expensive. Some of them are just normal pictures. Students buy two paintings for the group. At the end teacher explains the prices and the artists WHO have painted the pictures.

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