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My Free Time
Beginner, A1 level


In this lesson SS will activate their productive skills in asking and answering questions about habits and likes. To prepare them for this, SS will watch a video "Interview" which will give them some ideas on how to ask and answer Yes/No and Wh-questions in Present Simple. After that they will have some free practice.


Abc Question arrangement HO
Abc Interview a famous person HO
Abc video "Interview"
Abc Find two people HO

Main Aims

  • to activate students' productive skills through speaking and writing

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practise Present Simple in statements (I, you, we, they), Yes/No and Wh-questions and short answers.


Stage 1. Find two people (making up questions) (3-4 minutes) • to revise vocabulary related to free time and Yes/No questions

- Now, dear SS, we'll try to learn more information about our group. Give Multiple-choice HO to SS ask them to work individually and underline the most suitable verb. Once this is done, ask them to check in pairs. If there are some early finishers ask them to write the answers on teh board for the others to check.

Stage 2. Find two people (speaking) (10-12 minutes) • to engage SS in speaking activity asking questions about each other's habits and likes.

- Now you are going to walk around and ask each other Qs. If your partner answers "Yes, I do", you write down his name next to the question. If he answers "No, I don't", you don't write. You can write no more than 2 names. (support instructions with demo). Ask ICQ - who do you ask? you write the name if you partner says..? How many names can you write? Get the SS up, mingle, ask questions. When SS are ready, rearrange the pairs and make them analyse their questionnaire. - Now you will speak to your partner and tell him about activities which 2 people in our group do, eg. Tugce and Mesut eat out a lot. As a FB write activities in the board and count together how many SS in the group do this.

Stage 3. Video "Interview" (7-9 minutes) • to get SS listen for specific information

- You know many famouse people, right? Now we will watch an interview with one of them and you will have to put the questions you will hear in the correct order. These are not all the questions, so listen carefully. Pre-teach the words "instrument" and "work long hours". Give the SS HO with the questions in the wrong order, play the video once and get SS arrange the questions. Exchange the papers, show the correct answers on the board, check. Arrange SS in the goups of 3, give them cut-ups with the answers for the questions from the video, get them match the Qs and the answers. Once ready, groups check each other.

Stage 4. Interview a famouse person (8-10 minutes) • to activate SS productive skills by asking and answering Qs about celebrities

Arragne SS into pairs "Andy" and "Jenny". - Now you will play Reporters and Superstars. You will interview a famouse person like Emma did in the video. You will get a card with some information about a superstar - some of you are "Andies", some of you are "Jennies". You have to ask 6 Qs and write down the info about your superstar. Give a demo here by working with a stronger student. Once they are ready, check the info from the partner's paper.

Stage 5. Interview a famous person (writing) (7-10 minutes) • to activate SS writing skills using the information they have found out

- Well done. Now, please, unfold you paper. Here you have to write a short story about your superstar. You have the beginning of the sentences, please, finish them with the answers you have received. SS work individually to complete a short story. When they are ready, get 2 SS (Andy and Jenny) ready their stories.

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