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Hala Laith.20th June 2013
Upper-Intermediate level


This lesson is basically focused on the productive skills of speaking and generate practicing within the context of Environmental problems and solutions ,new vocabulary concerning this context will be presented .through working in pairs,groups more information will be presented as well.


Abc a handout (home made -hala 2013)
Abc -WB
Abc some pictures from the internet /goggle images

Main Aims

  • To get the students into speaking and practice the target language through discussing and exchanging information .

Subsidiary Aims

  • To familiarize the students with the new vocabulary through the context of the lesson .


lead -in (5-7 minutes) • to activate schemata and set the lesson context

-The teacher writes the expression "How green are you !!" on the board and ask the students to brain storm ideas about it and talk about how friendly are the students with the environment . -The teacher gives hand outs to students after giving instructions and ask them to discuss the questions for 3 minutes with their partners as pairs ,give all the students the opportunity to participate .

presenting vocabulary (3 minutes) • to get the students into the meaning of the new vocabulary

-the teacher show the students some pictures from the internet and elicit answers and discuss meanings for the new vocabularies .

practice/produce task1 (15 minutes) • to provide an opportunity to practice the new vocabulary within the context of the lesson .

-The teacher gives instructions to use the new words to complete the compound nouns in task 1 p.66 Ss book .the students work individually for 3 minutes and check with a partner as peer checking for 2 minutes .feed back will take place through eliciting . -The teacher divides the board vertically into two parts and write car pollution on the left side ,elicit that this part is an environmental problem and write solar panel on the right side ,elicit that this item is an environmental solution , divide the class into two groups A, B group A find the problems ,group B find solutions and ask one of the students from each group to write them on the board ,then discuss them together as whole class .

practice /production task 2 (10 minutes) • to provide an opportunity to practice the TL

-the teacher gives instructions ,ask the students to look at the leaflet in p.66 and discuss the questions ,students work in pairs . -now the teacher ask the students to mingle and ask their classmates how many of the things in the leaflet they do regularly ,who has the greenest lifestyle ?

extended post -task work and practice (10 minutes) • to check understanding and continue practicing

-the teacher gives the students some ideas(at the end of the discussion the students should find whose ideas was the most practical and do they think the other students will put them in practice ) ,ask the students work in pairs to persuade their partners to make some small changes to their life style .and explain why these changes are important . -after 3 minutes the students wil swap and speak to other partner and try to persuade them to make the changes .

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