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Bank Robbers (Speaking & Listening)
Upper Intermediate (B2) level


Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a role play and continuing a dialogue in the context of heist

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist, detailed and deduction listening practice using a text about robbing a casino, diamond, and gold in the context of a heist


Lead in (5 minutes) • To introduce the TL and create interest.

T gives Ss out two of each number to the students for a grouping activity T ask: What do we call it when I take something that isn't mine? steal CCQ: Do you pay money for something that you steal? T: What is another word for steal?rob, CCQ T: What do we call a person who robs things? robber, CCQ Is a robber taking something or giving something? T: If a robber, robs something this is called a_____? robbery T:What do we call a group of people who usually steal a lot and fight? gangsters CCQ Are gangsters generally good people? Do gangsters steal alone or in groups? Write them on the board and elicit form T Ask: How many different movies can you think of in which a robbery takes place? SS discuss in PW

Stage 1: Listening for gist (6 minutes) • To put the movie descriptions in the right order

T instructs: Take a minute to read the descriptions of these movies. Gesture into pairs. Then working in pairs we will number the movies in the order we see them. Give Ex:3 in envelopes SS read the description (2minutes) Show the movie trailers SS will work in pairs to put the movies in the right order. Peer check WC FB nominate different groups to say what trailer was first, second, and third.

Stage 2 Deducing meaning (9 minutes) • To guess the meaning of the words from to movie trailers

T instructs: Now we will watch the "Italian Job" and "Ocean's 11" again. Have Ss fold the HO for Ex:1 write the words from the table next to the definition Give HO Ex:1&2 =, remind ss to fold the HO Show the Clip 2 & 3 again. If needed watch again. SS peer check with their same partners SS then go find their Answer key, get into new pairs, and check with their new partner TCCQs Is a safe small or big? A group of people who steal is a ______.(gang) If I lie and cheat to get what I want I'm a ___. (con)

Stage 3: Listening for detail (10 minutes) • To answer detailed questions about "Ocean's 11"

T instructs: Now we will only watch "Ocean's 11" answer the questions in Ex:2 on the bottom of the page individually. SS take a minute to look at the exercise, watch Ocean's 11 and answer the detailed questions. Peer check Watch again Peer check T gives Answer Key and Ss check in their pairs.

Stage 4: Controlled speaking practice (7 minutes) • To role play in the context of Bonnie and Clyde

T instructs: We talked about gangsters earlier. Bonnie and Clyde were two famous gangstas in the 1920s. Take a minute to read about them and talk about them with your partner. Ss do small reading task to know the TL T instructs: There is an A and a B on your paper. One A and B will work together and do the dialogue. Practice it about 2 times and then change roles/characters. Let's stand up and really try to act out the character, you can use a pen for the gun. Have a couple pairs come up and act out the dialogue with a banana.

Stage 5: Freer Speaking practice (8 minutes) • To continue a dialogue of an attempted robbery

T instructs: Try to continue the conversation with your partner. You can write it out if you'd like on the lines below. Act it out a few times. If time have a couple more pairs come up and act out their dialogue.

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