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Listen Comprehension
intermittent level


Thursday I have Class that I want to learn a Listening . This part related to the holiday of the weekend . And students should carefully listen to those files and do some exercises.


Abc picture
Abc audio file
Abc handout
Abc powerpoint

Main Aims

  • To provide inference listening practice using a text about holidays in the context of weekend

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about holiday in the context of weekend


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • • To set lesson context and engage students

ss maybe don't know meaning of some words and because that I will show some picture for understand a meaning better .

Exposure (2-4 minutes) • • To provide context for the target language through a text or situation

I will play a listening file for ss and give the time for answer a question in task 1 and after we will checked.

Clarification (1-2 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language

if they have mistake and didn't understand I will check and correct with them .

Controlled Practice (2-5 minutes) • To concept check and prepare students for more meaningful practice

question I prepared for ss first respond individually and then share in group and then check the answer .

Semi-Controlled Practice (3-6 minutes) • To concept check further and prepare students for free practice

ss should do the second task and check in class .

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