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Copy of Comparative Adjectives
A2 level


In this lesson the ss will learn about the grammar rules for comparative adjectives and practice listening skills.


Abc HO1 - Guided Discovery Task 1
Abc HO2 - Guided Discovery 2
Abc HO4 - Comparative adjective rule chart
Abc HO3 - Answer Key for Practice # 3
Abc HO1 - Guided Discovery Task 1
Abc HO1 - Guided Discovery Task 1

Main Aims

  • To provide practice to learn the grammar rules of comparative adjectives

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about comparative adjectives


Part 1 - Intro (6-6 minutes) • Introduce the concept of comparing what the difference is between two things

1. T asks ss, "In winter does it snow in Izmir? No. Does it snow in Istanbul? Yes. "Ah, so in winter it is cold in Istanbul? Yes. T begins to fill in chart on WB. "So, is Istanbul colder than Izmir in the winter?" Yes. T adds to chart. T drills pronunciation of than 2. T asks ss, "Have you ever heard of the quiz shows, The Big Risk and Game of Words. Yes. T-S "Tonight's lesson will be games to learn comparative adjectives; but, first I want you to think about two questions and raise your hand when you think you know the answer. ICQ The first question is, "What does 'to compare' mean?" The second question is, "What is different about these two candles?

Part 2 Guided Discovery 1 (8-8 minutes) • Guided Discovery to learn comparative adjective rules

T elicits, "What are the vowels in English?" a, e, i , o, u - the rest are consonants. T writes vocab on board with stress marks Drill pronunciation of vowel and consonant SS write sentences using the opposite adjective. Example on WB. A bike is slower than a car. A car is faster than a bike. SS unfold for answer key.

Part 3 Guided Discovery 2 (6-6 minutes) • Further try to get the ss to come up with the correct grammar changes for comparative adjectives

T does example from HO SS fill in the blanks using prompt adjectives to make into comparative adjectives. SS will have a second go at this practice, so they do not get the answers right away.

Part 4 Matching words to grammar rules for comparative adjectives (7-7 minutes) • Self-discovery of grammar rules

T instructs ss to put the cut outs of words onto the grammar rule squares that matches the word's grammar rule. T asks ss, "How many syllables does the word cold have?" One. For Example: "Find the square that has the rule for one syllable adjectives and simply put the word onto the square." T provides HO with the answer key. SS check their answers.

Part 5 Second go at Guided Discovery 2 (3-3 minutes) • SS reinforce grammar rules

T instructs ss to have a second try at HO 2 T holds up HO2 T tells students: "Now I want you to go back to this HO and try a second time to fill in the blanks. SS will return to Guided Discovery 2 for a second go at it. SS unfold for answer key

Part 6 Listening for information (7-7 minutes) • SS will recognize the comparative adjective in a dialogue

T asks ss to get out pencil and paper. T instructs ss to listen for the comparative adjectives in the dialogue. "I want you to listen to the dialogue and each time you hear a comparative adjective, I want you to put a check mark on your piece of paper." ICQ "Are you listening to hear the comparative adjectives?" "What do you do when when you hear a comparative adjective?" T shows ss the printed dialogue script. "This is the script from the dialogue." "Now listen a second time and use this script to find all the comparative adjective." "I have highlighted them."

Part 7 Free talk using comparative adjectives (5-5 minutes) • Practice what they have learned

T-S "Now I want you to sit across from each and and use the script to take turns using the script to ask each other questions using the comparative adjective." For example: "Riza asks Aylin, 'Do you think trains are more comfortable than flying?'" "Continue for 3 minutes."

Part 8 (3-3 minutes) • FB

T gives ss the chart HO4 with the rules learned in the lesson. T refers to board and elicits questions about the rules.

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