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TP 1
Beginner level


In this lesson, students be shown a picture of a music band called metro 5 and asked who they are. After some predictions in pairs, we will check the answers together. And then, they will focus on grammar verb 'Be' negative form of am and are with a guided discovery technique.


Abc Unit 3 page 20 Metro 5 THE AUDITION

Main Aims

  • To provide information about grammar Verb to "BE" practise and review

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening for gist and specific information related to the verb "Be"


Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • To set lesson and engage students

Show the learners a photo on page 20 and have them guess who the people are and get a Whole class feedback

Listening for gist (5-10 minutes) • to get exposure in the language and try to listen rather than read

1-Give them cut-up handouts and answer the questions on exercise 3 2-Ask them to predict the answers 3-Ask them to listen to an audition interview of the band. after the listening is finished 4- Focus on the answers, focus on pronunciation

Listening for specific information (5-10 minutes) • Listen for keywords

Give the other slip of the page which includes the transcripts with the blanks and fill the blanks together. i will give them the answers in slips and they will stick it to the board and play a game with them together.

Clarification (5-10 minutes) • Target language Short answers& Negatives

I will draw some boxes and ask them to fill the boxes themselves and create grammar rules themselves. of verb be

Controlled Practice (5-7 minutes) • To practise the language

They will get in pairs and answer the questions together and as a whole class we'll answer them

Semi- Controlled Practise (5-10 minutes) • To get students to talk to each other by using the phrases in the book

1- Ask them to look at questions and answers 2- Practise together

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