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Teaching Practice 5
A1 level


In this lesson, students develop their reading for gist and reading for detailed comprehension skills through the news reports. First of all, students will learn new words from the text. Then will read the text for gist and detail. At the end of the lesson students will clarify simple past form of the verbs that they saw in the articles.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about Everest climbers and lottery winner in the context of news reports from the day after the TV news.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of irregular verbs in the context of news reports.


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To activate Ss' existing knowledge of the topic

The teacher brings the newspaper and by pointing to the titles of the newspaper makes a confusing face to elicit the word "headline". If students did not give the response to the teacher he will write the word on the left side of the WB. The teacher will pronounce the word while he is writing and drills the pronunciation.

Pre-teach vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • To unblock key lexis needed to help students understand the text

The teacher will project the slide 3 and ask the question by pointing the couple in photo D Look. Who are they? Husband and wife? - Couple The teacher takes the book and demonstrates and tells back side, the front side of the book. Then the teacher pronounces only back and front and elicits the word - side What is the weather like today? Sunny. Is it wonderful? (Yes). How do you say not wonderful - terrible? Broke leg - the teacher points the leg and demonstrates the broken leg. The teacher shows the cheque in the photo A and asks what is it? Lottery (Yes). But also Cheque. Did I send the cheque or receive the cheque? (Recieve) What is the past form? (Received) Teacher demonstrates the envelope and puts the cheque. Did I take the cheque or put the cheque? (Put)

Reading for gist (4-5 minutes) • For learners to get an overview of the text

The teacher shows handout 1 and explains the task. Look at the headline. Match the headlines with the picture. ICQ: How many headlines do you have? (Two) Do you write two answers for one headline? (No) Only one? (Yes) Before giving HO the teacher will project the photos and the titles of the newspaper (Slide 2). The teacher monitors to see if students are working together. (Answer1 = photo D, 2 = photo A). Then the teacher asks students to discuss the correct answer in pairs. After 30 seconds the teacher will project correct answer (Slide 3)

Reading for detail (10-12 minutes) • To practice reading for detailed comprehension

The teacher shows the two texts (1 Reading) and says "One of them is for A student and second is for B student. Read the text. Answer the questions. You have 4 minutes." The teacher gives handouts and monitors to make sure that students are on task. After the 4-5 minutes teacher asks A students to go to the right side and B students to the left side. "Please, check your answers with your partner". Teacher projects the questions and nominates the students by giving them marker to write correct answers. The teacher goes from one answer to the another and asks students if they agree or not.

Post-Reading (5-7 minutes) • To allow the opportunity to react to the text

The teacher tells "A" students to find a partner from "B" group and sit together. "A" student find a partner from "B" group. Give your paper to "B" student. "B" student give your paper to "A" student. Now "A" student ask questions from "B" student. "B" student ask "A" student questions.

Vocabulary (4-5 minutes) • To clarify irregular verbs

The teacher shows the Vocabulary task 1. Look at the pictures. Match the verbs with the pictures. Then students check answers in pairs. Check the answers. The teacher projects the picture and nominated early finishers to write the correct answers. The teacher shows the Vocabulary task 2. Look the table. Complete the table with the infinitive or past simple form. The teacher monitors the students to make sure that students are doing the task and to see if there are early finishers. Then teacher asks students to check the answers with partner. After that check the answers in the back side of the paper.

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