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TP2 - PART C - Joey Guertin
Intermediate - Evening group level


In this lesson, the students will read a text about a millionaire through gist and detail reading. The lesson will start about a small conversation about millionaires and money in general and each group will present a millionaire for one minute each. Then the title will be guessed and each group will be given the text in part and will have to explain it to their partners. Once completed, they will have to put the text in order. After that, each group will have to create a life lesson from the text. Then, they will explain the vocabulary to the whole class. Finally, they will complete the questions and discuss them in group.


Abc Key words from reading, set of 3
Abc Pictures of money (4) downloaded from Google images
Abc English File Intermediate 3rd edition, UNIT 2B, p.17

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading in the context of a text about a millionaire.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation with the lexis of the text.


Warmer/Lead-in (5-8 minutes) • To get the students to talk about the way some millionaires got to be millionaire and practice speaking by presenting them to the class.

T puts Ss in groups of 3 (maybe 4 for some groups if it doesn't add up). T shows 4 images of money (progressively from small amount of money and small size of paper to big sum of money and bigger size of paper) to elicit a million dollar and then elicit the person being a millionaire. Ss think of a millionaire individually and choose one in each group. Ss answer the questions and after a brief group conversation, present their millionaire for a minute.

Pre-Reading (8-10 minutes) • To predict the title of the text and work together to explain the gist of the text with the help of key words from the text.

T puts the title of the text (The millionaire with a secret) on the board in mixed words. Ss have to put the word together to get the title. T hands out the text in 3 parts to each groups (each group will get the full text in 3 parts). Ss have to read the text and explain their part of the text to each other using key words (1- dyslexia, spell, successful 2- trousers, 25000 pounds, ashamed 3- figures, ghost-writer, burst into tears).

Reading for details - Life lesson (8-10 minutes) • To have the students word collaboratively to put the events in order according to the text. To have students decide on a life lesson from the text.

Ss work together to put the events from exercise c in order. T instructs students to make out a life lesson from the text and present it to the class.

Post-Reading - Vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • To have the student explain vocabulary to each other.

T separates the vocabulary for each groups. Ss work together to find the definition of the words and practice drilling pronunciation together. T walks around and assists the students with their pronunciation and definitions. Then, Ss present their words (meaning and drilling) to the class as if they were teachers.

Speaking - discussion about money (3-7 minutes) • Get the student to use the lexis learnt and practice speaking

T works with the student to complete the 5 statements. Ss discuss one point together for 3 minutes. T walks around and notes any mistakes and address some correction if there is time remaining.

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