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Unit 9
A2 level


In this lesson, students will learn about using the Present Perfect to talk about something that started in the past and continues in the present.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice on using the Present Perfect to talk about something that started in the past and continues in the present.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide vocabulary and practice such vocabulary by creating sentences/questions and free activity.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Quick warmer and greetings. Making sure having the full attention of Ss. ;)

Exposure (8-10 minutes) • To provide a model of the task and highlight useful words and phrases

Present Perfect abbreviations. Task #1 This is a task in which Ss will be working in pairs to construct and assemble sentences correctly using paper-slips. - I ask Ss to collect each word into one correct sentence using sign language, and setting an example. (remember to avoid using the word assembling at the beginning as it might be a hard word for them to swallow, grade your language using the word collect and collect together). CCQs - Are you going to work alone? - Are you going to collect words together? Task #2 - Students will write examples/real life names of the following media shows: 1. chat show 2. talent show 3. sports program 4. news program 5. documentary 6. soap opera 7. teen band

Vocab Challenge (5-7 minutes) • Challenging students to think of words related to the pictures on P80

Beginning by explaining the following vocab is related to the pictures on P80; Ss will be asked to think of words that describe words related to the pictures in Ex4P80 Concept Checking - I will demonstrate an example - If Ss found it too difficult, I will help them find the true answers by evoking the words through paper slips with the vocabulary separately and that they need to match the words with each definition. Answer: will be eliciting feedback from students. matching card game 1. imagine 2. screaming 3. winner 4. flight 5. huge 6. dream Words to be drilled 1. imagine (Turkish Ss put a stress on the İ since it is pronounced differently in Turkish) 2. winner (Turkish Ss find it difficult to properly pronounce the W and V) 3. huge

Vocab Game (3-9 minutes) • Testing Ss knowledge of the irregular verbs lists I have provided them last week

- Dividing the class into four groups. - Each group will be giving a separate list of words - Each group will read the list for one minute - Then they will write the words in V2 and V3 cases on four different papers in my possession. The group with the least spelling mistakes wins. Each list would contain few words to not overload Ss with vocab. CCQs - Are you going to work alone? - Are you going to write V2 and V3? Irregular Verbs Game List A 1. buy 2. catch 3. write 4. can List B 1. see 2. read 3. teach 4. leave List C 1. learn 2. do 3. send 4. swim List D 1. break 2. breed 3. broadcast 4. burn

Vocab for entertainment arts (5-8 minutes) • Familiarize Ss with essential vocab related to arts

- Ss will be divided into pairs - I will provide each pair with the following vocab and ask them to think of actual examples - I will then randomly choose each pair to give me a real world example of the word I chose Concept Checking -I will demonstrate an example - action film - animation - comedy - documentary - horror film - romantic film - science fiction film The following words to be drilled 1. film (Turkish Ss tend to mispronounce the sound İ) 2. comedy (Ss stress on the O sound) 3. horror 4. science 5. fiction

Speedy task (3-5 minutes) • Getting Ss to use adjectives to describe entertainment art

- I will write the following adjectives on the WB. Task Instructions - First I will demonstrate an example: - Then I ask Ss what do they think of whenever they hear the following adjectives - the instructions are very simple and thus (CCQs) would not be needed here as I will have used a demonstration. - We then are going to play this speedy game of I shout an adjective and they shout an answer

Book Exercises Task (15-20 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target vocab

Starting making nouns from verbs - I will give Ss a paper slip of word family - As them to fill in the blanks (3 minutes) - Then elicit answers (1 minute) CCQsto see if they understood the exercise point - Then ask them what does the addition of ER or OR to some verbs mean in an open elicitation. (1 minute) Word Families Adding er/or Verb Noun Noun (people) Act Act Actor (male/female) Actress (female) Sing Song Singer Dance Dance Dancer Adding -ian Magic Magician Music Musician - Regroup Ss into new pairs. It is imperative for Ss to change their partner. Ex2P82 - Ask Ss in pairs to do Ex2P82 (4 minutes) - Eliciting general feedback (1 minute) Ex3P82 - Ss to do Ex3P82 (4 minutes) - Eliciting general feedback (1 minute) Ex4P82 - Ss to do Ex4P82 (4 minutes) - Eliciting general feedback (1 minute)

Grammar Ex (6-8 minutes) • Testing their understanding of using For / Since

Regroup Ss again - Ss to do Ex1P83 (2 minutes) - General class feedback on the WB (1 minute) - Ss to do Ex2P83 (4 minutes) - Eliciting general feedback from Ss randomly. (1 minute)

Dictation (10-15 minutes) • Revising vocabulary

Playing game of words - Ss will be regrouped into pairs - Ss will be given a list of words in which they must remember - Ss will be given a blank sheet to write all the words they remember Task #1 Words - basketball - table tennis - volleyball - climbing - diving - cycling - football - horse-riding - skateboarding - skiing - surfing - swimming - tennis Then I will check the winner of the first task. (2 minutes) Task #2 words - board - racket - helmet - goggles - swimsuit - ball - wetsuit - net Then I will check the winner of the first task. (2 minutes)

Spelling Game (10-12 minutes) • Ss will practice spelling of the previous exercise words

- Ss will be divided into two groups - Each group will have a representative - One group will ask the other group's representative to spell the word they give them without any help from anyone. This exercise will help Ss remember the types pf sports by practicing spelling together.

Writing questions (10-12 minutes) • To exercise Ss ability to write questions using the Present Perfect Tense.

- Ss will individually write questions asking their colleagues about past experiences. - Ss will have to use ever, yet. (7 minutes) - Ss will then start mingling in a free speaking activity between each other asking those questions. (5 minutes) CCQ - Are you going to write the questions together or alone? - Are you going to ask your partner these questions?

Students Presentations (16-20 minutes) • Ss will be presenting their homework for 1-2 minutes

- Ss were given a task to practice the first lesson vocabulary by presenting their favorite place of nature. - Ss will also be engaged in an open session of interaction to answer questions from other Ss about their presentation.

Writing (16-20 minutes) • To prepare Ss to write an email

- Ss will exercise how to write a formal email. - Guided discovery questions maybe needed and used in this exercise. - Ss will write an email to their friends to invite them to a graduation ceremony. - Ss will need to use modal verbs in this exercise. CCQs - are you going to write an email? - are you going to send it to be polite? Feedback: - I will check Ss writing directly and ask other Ss to cross-check with each other.

Grammar worksheet (6-8 minutes) • Testing Ss understanding between just and recently with the present perfect

I will regroup Ss again - I will ask distribute a worksheet to each group - Ask Ss to use either just or recently to fill in the blanks (5 minutes) - Elicit feedback (1 minute)

Free Activity (25-30 minutes) • To provide students with practice of the task language

By now, Ss will be exhausted due to the continuous regrouping, exercises and activities. Ss by this time would be unable to absorb anymore information and thus, I would have to spend this segment of the lesson on a free activity of the Ss choice. The idea here is to give Ss break from all the grammar, writing and listening and allow their speaking skills to be exercised without stress. One way to spend this segment is by playing a game but only in English, immediate correction of their grammar and pronunciation is not stressed. This allows me help Ss unleash their creativity.

Closure (15-21 minutes) • To prepare Ss by solving difficult questions

- Worksheet of word puzzle. - Each two Ss will work together to finşsh the word puzzle.

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