Sadegh Sadegh

Intermediate level


First the learners will have a brief revision of the previous pages. In pages 60 and 61, the teacher will go through the reading of these pages. Giving the students a clear concept of the story after giving them brief information about the words and having debate on the title of the story.


Abc Gap time, handout, short clips

Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan, detailed, deduction and inference reading practice using a text about Air crash in the context of Traveling and hazardous events

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of Explosion, Shipwreck, assess, landing, Survive, sink, expression: to make room for other in the context of Accident and the disaster


Lead-in (25-30 minutes) • Setting the context for reading and personalizin. (Student-centred)

First the teacher will provide the context for example Ss discuss about a question or a sentence based on the topic. We'll go through this about 3 to 5 min. Then we are going to have pre teach essential Lexis . Here the teacher will cover blocking vocabulary(ies) which are essential to understanding the text. (MPF) The allocated time for this part depends on the number of the words. Then the teacher sets a gist task before students read the text, e.g. simple questions to help Ss with overall general comprehension of the text.(Here we are looking for the main idea and giving the clue) here takes about 2 or 3 min. For the next part, the teacher will ask students for skimming the text. The students only read the text very fast looking for the gist. Allocated time to this part depends on the length of the reading, normally about 3 to 5 min. Then let the students check in pairs and have a little discussion, Then for the next step, the teacher will ask for scanning the text, but before that, teachers should set a detailed task before the Ss start to read. The questions that target both for scanning specific information and detailed comprehension. It is good to let them read the questions first.( 10 min ). Teachers should monitor the Ss and let them have pair work activities and help them with any answers they found difficulties. As a feedback, get the Ss to justify their answers with reference to the text, by this practice, the Ss will go through the text deeply. The teachers should follow on the activities based on the text. Here they are supposed to have a discussion based on the topic. The Ss can also have role play. (5 to 8 min)

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