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Rawabi, 2 May 2017, TP 2a
pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, Students will discuss their personal experience during job interview, doing gist and specific listening tasks.They will follow this up with a role playing exercise.


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Main Aims

  • To practice listening for gist and detail with reference to work related vocabulary.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Learning and using words related to work and finding a job.


Warm up/ Lead in (5-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and arouse students interest in the topic.

1. T shows first slide (woman in an interview). T asks students what is happening in the picture. 2. T "The woman in the looking for job. What should she do to find a job? what are the stages of getting a job?". 3. Ss work in pairs to put the stages of getting a job in order.

Pre-listening (10-13 minutes) • To prepare students for text. Covering potential problem vocabulary.

1. Ss discuss personal experience at a job interview PW. WCF. 2. T shows pictures and asks students. "What do they do?" Ss answer ex."working, waiter, shop keeper" T introduces vocabulary ex. Sales ; selling things (working in a shop), Catering; any job making or serving food (working in restaurants cafe. 3. T shows slide 2 and hands copies of the ad. "what kind of company is it?" Employment Agency; a business that helps people find a job. 4. Ss answer the questions (in ex.1, p22).

Gist Listening (6-8 minutes) • To provide students a simple sketch to make the coming up exercise less challenging

1. Play the tape. 2. T hands out (ex 2. p 22). 3. Ss compare their answers with their table GW. WCF.

Detailed Listening (15-18 minutes) • To challenge students listening and help them improve.

1. Ss look at (ex.3, p.22). 2. T plays the tape. Ss listen and decide if the statements on the exercise are T/F. (T plays tape again if needed) 3. Ss compare answers with their group. 4. WCFB. True or False (why) (A: 2.F ,3.F ,4.T ,5.F ,6.F)

Post Listening (8-10 minutes) • To provide opportunity to exercise what they learned.

1. T pairs students A/B. 2. T modals with a strong student T is B. 3. Ss A interview students B. 4. Switch roles Ss B interview Students A.

If-Time Activity (5-6 minutes) • lesson vocabulary checking

1. T hands out red cards with vocabulary from today's lesson to half of the Ss and green cards that carry their meaning to the other half of the students. 2. Ss with green card walk around the room to find Ss with red cards that match their meaning.

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