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How long?
Pre-intermediate level


in this lesson, students will remember present perfect tense. they practice by speaking and


Abc Gap filling
Abc Blank chart
Abc pieces of papers

Main Aims

  • Grammer; Present Perfect Tense and the question: How Long?

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide the difference between state verbs and action verbs


to set the context (10-15 minutes) • To get students engaged in the topic

the teacher is going to tell a story about her life to elicit some sentences from them until they say "you have been ..". when they say the sentence, teacher is going to write the sentence on the board and will make language analysis.

getting know the form (5 minutes) • to provide practice realizing the form

Students are going to be given a chart and they will be asked to write a sentence about them and then. individually they will analyze the sentence. they must underline the main verb in the column 3 -Present Perfect tense-.

speaking practice (15 minutes) • to make them use the form a lot.

Students are going to be given pieces of paper and they will be asked to stand up and ask the names, and then how long? questions.

Controlled practice (5-10 minutes) • to provide some practice about state verbs

Students are going to be given HO, which is a controlled practice and they do gap filling

A little bit Pronunciation (5 minutes) • to provide pron of contraction of 've and been weak and strong form


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