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Beginnings (Reading)
Pre-intermediate A2 level


In this lesson students will read a text about the man behind KFC. First they will skim read the text for gist and then scan it for details.Finally they will speak and write based on the text.


Abc copies page 14
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Main Aims

  • For students to skim read the text for jest and scan it for details.

Subsidiary Aims

  • For students to speak and discuss in pairs or groups based on the text.


Stage 1 (5-7 minutes) • Lead-in

- The teacher plays a video about the biggest fast-food chains in the world. - The teacher asks students what is the common thing between those companies in the video. - When the students mention fast-food the teacher puts them into groups and make them discuss the question: What fast food companies are there in your country? What are the good and bad things about fast food? How often do you go to a fast food restaurant ?What do you usually have to eat and drink? When you are in a different town or city, how do you decide where to eat?

Stage 2 (5-6 minutes) • Pre-teaching blocking vocabulary-students skim the text

-The teacher divides students into three or four groups and draws three or four columns on the board for each group.The teacher distributes the copies of the text. The teacher tells students that he will say the meaning of some words and the first group that will find the word and say it out loud will take a point. - The teacher tells them find a word in the text which means: The part of your life where you were a child.(childhood) Someone in control of an office or a shop.(manager) A place at the side of a road where you can buy fuel for cars and food.(service station) List of food and instructions tells you how to cook something.(recipe) A man who speaks for a group or an organization. (spokesman) - The teacher writes the words on the word and tries to elicit the part of speech, the stress and drills the pronunciation.

Stage 3 (10-15 minutes) • For students to scan the text

- The teacher instructs students to read the sentences on 2)b) on page 14 and read the text then try to put those events in order. - The teacher tells students to check their answers in pairs. - The teacher does a whole class feedback by letting one of each pair say just one sentence and then the next student say the following one (according to the order). - The teacher tells students to read the questions in 2)c) on page 14 and then to read the text one more time to find answers for those questions. - The teacher tells students to check answers in pairs. - The teacher does a whole class feedback by letting one student from each pair say the answer of one of the questions. The teacher may ask why? How did you know? Where in the text?

Stage 4 (5-10 minutes) • For students to produce based on the text

- The teacher instructs students to write five sentences about a company or a person who started small and became very successful. - After the students finish, the teacher instructs them to stand up and mingle to tell each other about who they wrote about.

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