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TP7 Grammar be going to
Elementary level


We will understand how to talk about plans using be going to in the context of the Christmas holiday


Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, SS will have had clarification on the meaning, form and pronunciation of be going to in the context of Christmas celebrations, and practiced this in a controlled and freer exercise what are your Christmas plans?

Subsidiary Aims

  • to enable Ss spoken practice using TL talking about their plans for Christmas.


Lead in (4-7 minutes) • to engage Ss with the topic of the lesson.

 T sets the topic by showing the pictures. Look! What can you see?  T shows two questions for Ss to discuss in BOR. o How do people in your country celebrate Christmas? o What did you do last Christmas?  T sends Ss to BOR (3 minutes) Ss answer the questions in pairs.  T conducts an OCFB eliciting one or two ideas from the class.  T shows the context of the lesson in a separate slide.

Gist listening (5-8 minutes) • to present the TL so Ss can see it in context

 T sets the task, before starting the listening. Now, pay attention and complete the sentences.  T Shows the sentences Ss have to complete and gives them time to read.  ICQs: Are we reading? No / then what do we do? Complete the sentences.  T plays the audio once and Ss will have to complete the sentences.  T sets a shorter activity shows the sentences in a separate slide and asks Ss.  Are they in the present or future? Future  Are they promises or plans? Plans

Guided discovery (8-10 minutes) • To enable Ss extended practice with MFP of the target language.

 T sends Ss the link for the google form and sets the activity. Open the link and answer the questions! You can work ingroups you have 7 minutes  ICQs: how many minutes? 7 / Will you write? No / what will you do? Answer.  T sends Ss to BOR (5 – 7 minutes)  Ss work in groups to answer the form  T goes around BOR to be available if Ss need him.  T conducts OCFB eliciting Ss ideas to the questions.

Controlled practice (10-10 minutes) • Get students to practice the TL in a controlled exercise.

 T sets the task before sending Ss to BOR to work on it. Look at the picture and complete people’s plans. 4 minutes  T asks students to take a picture of the activity.  T sends Ss to BOR and give them 4 minutes to complete the sentences.  Ss work on BOR, T goes around BOR to be available if Ss need him.  T conducts an OCFB showing the answers to the activity.

Freer practice (10-10 minutes) • Get students to produce the TL in a freer exercise.

 T sets the next activity ok now! It is your turn to talk answer the following questions.  T shows three questions and asks Ss to take a picture of them.  What are your plans for this Christmas?  Are you going to do anything special?  T sends Ss to BOR and goes around to be available if Ss need him. 4minutes  T asks Ss to share their partner's plans in an OCFB.  T elicits Ss production and takes notes of them.

Feedback (3-5 minutes) • To provide learners with feedback on the completion of the task and language

 T shows Ss’s production throughout the class.  Ss will have the opportunity to correct themselves and learn from each other mistakes.  T tries to work on checking the pronunciation, reformulation, good utterances or bad utterances

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