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TP 6 - Listening to a SONG
A2 level


In this lesson the students learn about vocab related to party and practice it


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about one party in the context of song (It's my party, and i cry if i want to)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of organizing a party


Lead in (5-7 minutes) • To set lesson’s context and to create interest in topic (party)

Put on the board the pic of a party. Ask the students to make assumptions related to the picture: WHERE - HOME WHO - FRIENDS HOW - CRYING WHAT - PARTY What do the think our today's lesson is about? Elicit party. Pair work for assumption, w/c discussion.

Pre-teach vocab (4-5 minutes) • To understand the song they are going to listen to

So, today's topic is PARTY. What does HOST mean? - a person that organizes a party (i invite you to my place) guest - it's the person that is invited to the party/or to visit someone's home hold your friend's hand - to check if they know the meaning. if not, mime it records - songs leave me alone - when you are upset, how do you feel? Sad. And, do you want to be alone or with somebody? Alone. And if somebody comes? you tell her to go - leave me alone. Give me an example walked through - left the room wearing his ring - they are friends now

Listening for gist (5-6 minutes) • students understood the mood and meaning of the song

Now, I play a song for your. Listen to it and tell me if your assumption was correct. Is it a happy song? What's about? What's the story? If necessary play again the song. Discuss with your peer. Feedback as a class. It's a sad song, with cheerful soundtrack. It's about a party where the girl's boyfriend left the party with her friend. And she's crying.

Reading - scanning (as a pre-listening task) (4-5 minutes) • students should identify the 3 caracthers and the relation between them

Give the song's lyrics to the students. Read the text and identify the 3 characters who's the host - the lady that cries who's Johnny - host's boyfriend who's Judy - host's friend Pair work, feedback as a class

Listening for more detailed information (6-8 minutes) • students should cross out the extra words from the lyrics of the song

Now, give the lyrics to the students. There is an extra-word (PRE-TEACH) in each verse (PRE-TEACH). Listen to the song and cross out (cut/tick) the extra word. Listen again if required. Check with your partner, feedback as a class. Give the text with the extra-words underlined to each student so they can check by themselves. (auto correction)

Free practice (8-9 minutes) • Students to practice the vocab related to party

Write about your party considering these: When Why How were you? Where? With whom? Food? Drinks? On the board put your own idea of party: On Saturday I had my party. It was my 15 years old party. I was very happy. I received a lot of presents and lots of friends came. It was in my home. We had have something to eat: cheeseburger and chips, apple pie and ice-cream. We listened to the music and we danced. We dressed like SELENA GOMEZ :-) Now, write about your party for 2' and then stick your party to the board. Come and read about the parties and tell me which one would you like to go to.

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