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In this lesson, students learn about the great international night out through text-based. The lesson starts with a discussion about going out with friends. then there is a pre-teach activity about some new vocabulary that is used in the reading text. This is followed by the reading for specific information . Students read to find out specific information


Main Aims

  • To provide practice of reading for specific information in the context of The great international night out .

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of the new vocabulary and practice some new phrases in the context


Warmer/Lead-in : students discuss in pairs exercise 1 p 70 (5-6 minutes) • To check Ss' knowledge of the vocabulary in ex1 before reading activity.

- I start telling them about a situation about going out : '' yesterday , I went with my friend to have dinner in a restaurant and go to the cinema what about you?''. I chest the hand out to them and ask them and ask them to look at ex.1: Now , with your friend which of these do you do if you go out with your friends ? Which of these do you never do? why not? then I give them the handout. I monitor them for 4 minutes. then ask some of them to tell me about your friend which of these does he/she do if you go out with his/her friends? Which of these does he/she never do? why not?

Pre-Reading (10-12 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible.

I will ask them to guess the meaning of this vocabulary: banned :(exemplification ) smoking is banned in hospitals. they elicit the meaning . -is smoking banned at schools? -is it banned to drive very fast? I will show them a picture to express the meaning. then drill them the word I say and the students repeat. finally, I write the word banned /bænt/ ingredients : I ask them to guess : The food is home-cooked using fresh ingredients. i show them some cake ingredients : picture of (eggs- sugar -vanilla-chocolate ) are eggs one of the cake's ingredients? yes is milk one of the cake ingredients? yes, are tomatoes one of the cake ingredients?No then I say the word and ask them to repeat it. then I write the word in•gre•di•ents /ɪnˈgridiənts/ applaud I start to say the word and clap then I ask them to guess the meaning, and I listen to them. can we applaud at the wedding party ? can we applaud in this class? let's applaud together. then I say and they repeat the word. After that, i write it ap•plaud /əˈplɔd/ unwind To rest, relax or do nothing. I show them a photo of the person. he is unwinding. is he working now? does he enjoy his time? is he doing something now? then they drill the word finally I write it .un•wind (v. )/ʌnˈwaɪnd/ . tone-deaf my friend John is unable to hear the differences between pop music and classic music .He is atone-deaf. Does he enjoy listening to music? can he know the difference between Arabic music and English classical music? so he is tone-deaf. they drill the sentence then the word finally I write it on the board tone-deaf (adjective ) stress tone deaf•ness,/ˌtəʊnˈdɛf/ a craze : /kreɪz/ a popular or widespread fad, fashion, be crazy my friend is acrazed about fashion .she buys a lot of dresses, accessories, and make-up. she can't stop buying new clothes .she is a craze of fashion. about me, I craze pop music. girls are crazing fashion. are you a craze about music? what are you craze about? then I ask them to drill.finally I write the word craze (n) and (v) pronunciations/ˈkreɪz/

-Reading 1 and -Reading 2 (12-15 minutes) • To provide students with specific information reading tasks

Now, I stand in a central place and I chest the handout. I give them instructions for reading task 1: read the first paragraph of the article . which three activities in exercise 1 are mentioned? which country do you associate/ connect with these things? first individually. I give them 5 minutes to read and answer then I ask to check their answer with your friend.I give them 3 minutes. then I ask some students to say the answers and ask them. Do you agree with here? I shift to another activity I give them instruction with your friend which of the three activities do you associate connect these phrases with? I give them time to share their answers in about 4 minutes. finally, discuss their answers together. I ask them to look at me and listen : with your friend . Read the rest of the article and complete and complete the sentences. I monitor them during reading. I release their answers. After they finish, I give them the answer key to check their answers in pairs.

Post-Reading (10-12 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

I ask them in groups o discuss these questions of ex.5 p71. I give them 5 minutes. I monitor their answer : I listen to their answer. Finally, I feedback on content and language according to my monitoring. Do you like this article? which part do you prefer? why?

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