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In this lesson, students will learn the lexical set months of the year along with the vocabulary used to describe dates. This will be done through a game to elicit the months' names, an HO on ordinal numbers, an HO on specific days, and ending with a mingle activity to find everyone's birthday.


Abc HO Ordinal Numbers
Abc HO Dates and holidays answer key
Abc HO Ordinal Numbers answer key
Abc HO Birthdays
Abc HO Dates, holidays, and months

Main Aims

  • Vocabulary: presenting the months of the year and the way in which dates are expressed.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening: differentiating dates. Speaking: Accurately pronouncing months and days.


Lead-in (9-10 minutes) • Set Context. Introduce/Elicit Lexical set months

*Must be done* 1. Write "There are 12 ____ in a ____" on WB to elicit "months" and "year." 2. Write the first letter of each month on the board in two lines. Put students on two teams. They race to the board to write the name of a month, hand the marker to someone else, and return to their seat. That new person repeats the process. This is done until all months are on the board. If all months are not on board, write the rest of the months. 3. ICQ: Do you write one month? Yes ICQ: Do you give the marker to someone else? Yes 4. Mark Pronunciation and drill the months.

Lexis (7-9 minutes) • Pronunciation and memorizing names of months.

1. Go through the months of the year in order a couple of times. Start erasing some of the months. 2. Have students say the months in a row based on where they sit. Continue erasing months. 3. Have students say the months based on being pointed at by the teacher. Have all months erased. 4. Draw an arrow pointing forward, and say "next." Explain to students that I will say a month name, and they will say the next month.

Lexis-Ordinal Numbers (8-9 minutes) • Teach Ordinal Numbers

1. Write "1st" on the board. Elicit what the word is. Do this for numbers up to 12th. Write 13th, say it, do 20th-23rd, ask students what 30th should be. 2. Distribute HO with ordinal numbers on it. Tell students to practice saying the numbers to their partners. Monitor for errors. 3. Hand out the answer key.

Functional Language (8-10 minutes) • Teach saying the date.

1. Write 9/28 on the board. Elicit how to say it. Most likely need to tell students how to say it since they are being taught the American style. Write "September 28th." 2. Write the question "What day is this?" Students say "It's September 28th." 3. Distribute HO on saying the date. Have students work in pairs and ask each other how to say the dates. 4. ICQ: For #1, do you ask "What day is Çocuk Bayramı?" Yes. ICQ: Do you do this alone? No. 5. After a few minutes, pass out the answer key. 6. Based on time, do a dictation for some dates to see if students are able to distinguish the dates when being spoken.

Speaking (9-10 minutes) • Semi-controlled speaking to practice asking birthdays.

*Must be done* 1. Point to 9/28 on the board and say "What day is this?" After they say "It's September 28th" ask them if it is a special day in order to elicit that it is my birthday. Write "My birthday is September 28th." on the board. 2. Show students HO. Tell them we will learn each other's birthdays. Draw one box of the HO on the board, put in my information. 3. Put HO on board so teachers can have a copy. 4. ICQ: Will you ask 1 person "When is your birthday?"? No. Will you ask the whole class? Yes. Will you write it like this (point to the numbers on the board)? Yes. Will you write your name and birthday on the paper on the board? Yes

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