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Teaching Practice 1
Pre Intermediate level


Focus on reviewing the present simple with Ss in the context of describing a date, friend or family whilst also practising adjectives related to personality and appearance. Focus on class discussion and group work.


Abc Activity cards
Abc Handout

Main Aims

  • To rpovide Ss with clarification, review and practice of simple present in the context of describing a date, friend or family member.

Subsidiary Aims

  • For Ss to practice adjectives related to appearance and personality. To provide Ss practice in dpeaking for fluency.


Stage 1 (Lead In) (3-5 minutes) • to get students interested in class topic and link to previous lesson.


Stage 2 (Hihglighting) (8-10 minutes) • To encourage Ss to notice the TL (present simple) and check student knowledge of TL

Students work solo to fill in gaps for first task on provided work sheet. Then in pairs check answers with each other. Finally go through task as a class, eliciting answers from class and writing on WB.

Stage 3 (Clarification) (10-15 minutes) • Focus Ss on MFP of TL and to drill for pronunciation

Draw a timeline on board and use CCQ's to check students understand meaning using examles from exercise 3a. Put students back into pairs for ex 3b on worksheet. Then go through as WC. For answers to 3.b.2 draw table from page 126 of students book on WB and ask CCQ's to chck students udnerstand spelling rules and drilling for pronunciation.

Stage 4 (Controlled Practice) (135-15 minutes) • to check Ss understanding of meaning and form.

Use exercise d to see if students can remember information from text. Without students looking at texts ask them what kind of men does Charlotte like and write answers on WB. Use following questions to prompt if necessary. "Does she like men who make her laugh?", "Does she like taller or shorter men?", "does she like beards?", "What interests does she like?" Follow on to info gap activity from pages 100 and 106 of SB. Go through the questions students need to ask to succeed and write them up on WB and give Ss time to copy them down and then drill some of them. Students then work in pairs of A &B to ask and answer questions to complete the tables.Provide answer keys to students so they can check their answers. To finish stage have class discussion on who they think is better suited for Charlotte.

Stage 5 (Semi- controlled & freer practice) (8-10 minutes) • Furtter consolidate TL

Use coommunciative activity from TsBk U1B, p10 Divide Ss into groups of 3 and provide each group with a set of activity cards. Demo acticity by going through an example on the board.and asking students what do they need to add to sample question. Then ask student the qeuestion, getting as much information as possible. In each group students take it in turns to ask the the other two members a questions from the cards, encourage further questions. Walk around class monitoring and helping where necessary, without interupting students mid sentnce formation. At the end of the task get FB from class on what they learnt about their group members

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