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global warming lesson
pre-intermediate level


in this lesson the students will learn about some natural phenomena like the climate change and the global warming and their effect on the environment . Actually the students will be exposed to these terms by the listening activity then they will enhance their knowledge with the vocabulary exercise and we will end up finally with the speaking part in order to make the students practice the target language and move from the receptive skills to the productive ones .


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Main Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about Gobal warming in the context of Hopes and fears

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a solution for the global warming problem in the context of hopes a
  • To provide practice of natural disasters in the context of hopes and Fears


warmer (1-3 minutes) • breaking ice

i will try to link my lesson with the previous lesson by talking briefly about my Utopia and my dystopia and mentioning that my utopia is to live in a green planet and a peaceful world while distopya is being exposed to natural disasters like Hurricanes and Tsunami because they are able to destroy houses and kill people .

Pre -Gist listening (3-6 minutes) • covering the difficult words

Now i will tell my students that these natural disasters happen because of one reason which we will guess together playing the Hang man game . ( which is Global warming ) and i will introduce the word climate change as well and use MFP in order to explain these words supporting my eliciting by showing some pictures .then i will hang the poster of the film and make them work in pairs to guess the type of the film and its topic using a piece of paper where they have some suggestions and they will check their answer with the other partner .

gist -Listening (2-3 minutes) • to have overall idea

i will play the audio and tell the students to listen and after to check their answer whether true or not and then make some feedback .

listening (5-7 minutes) • specific details

in this stage i will play the listening again but before that am going to distribute exercise to the students where they have to answer by True or False . i will make İCQ in order to check whether they understand the request clearly .this will be done in PW and they will have to check their answers with their friends after the listening .

vocabulary (4-7 minutes) • İntroducing New words

i will give the students piece of papers as an exercise (p 48 ) and tell them to try individually to guess the missing letter in order to form a sentence .( i will use İCQs ) After that they will check their answer with their partner .then i will give feedback and we will elicit the meaning of the words like * flood * using MFP .

pronounciation (1-3 minutes)

after dealing with the new words we wiil listen to the way they are pronounced . ( exercise1.51 p 48 )

vocabulary (2-3 minutes) • Guided discovery

i will set the context that the film * the inconvenient truth * is terrifying . Consequently am terrified .in order to make the students get the point then i will give them an exercise of choosing the right option which they will do in pairs .

spaking (2-3 minutes) • warmer

we will find some solutions to the Global Warming and how could we protect our earth or environment by playing * find someone who *

speaking (3-6 minutes) • productive skills

the students will have to finf other ways to protect the environment and they will tell their partner his suggestion while the partner has to respond to him and tell him one as well . ( iCGs and CCG s )

watching a clip (3 minutes) • to conclude

in the conclusion we are going to watch a clip for Micheal Jackson called the earth song where the topic is related to the theme and the TL .

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