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Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice product writing skills of writing a postcard
  • By the end of the lesson, students will have developed and practiced the writing skills by writing a postcard in the context of describing a place

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of this lesson, students will have learned functional language related to writing a postcard in the context of describing a place
  • By the end of this lesson, students will have practiced reading for gist in the context of a postcard describing a place


Warmer/Lead-in (5-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

I decided to use a number of images for my lead-in to draw Ss' attention and to enable eliciting of some of the lesson's vocabulary; I've used personalization and prediction to engage Ss and introduce the topic of a lesson. Screen share G-Slide and ask Ss: What do you see? What does this person do? (Elicit: a postcard/ a person is sending a post card/ another person received a postcard). Screen share another slide, ask Ss: Why do people send postcards? Do you sometimes send or receive postcards? What was the last time you received or sent a postcard? Nominate 2-3 Ss to share their experience of sending or receiving a postcard. Screen share a slide showing a girl in New York city, tell Ss that her name is Veronica. Ask Ss: Where is she? (elicit: in New York) Tell them that Veronica is British. Ask them: Does she live in NY or visiting? (elicit: visiting) Draw Ss' attention to the next picture: What is Veronica doing? (Elicit: writing/sending a postcard). Do we usually send postcards when we travel? (yes) Whom do you think she is writing a postcard to? (elicit: her friend). What is she writing about? What do people usually include in a postcard? (Elicit: weather, food, activities; places to visit, etc.)

Exposure&Useful Language (15-15 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through reading. To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

At the exposure stage I created an activity where Ss have to find the correct placement of different parts of the postcard in pairs or groups. It's important to let Ss identify the postcard layout by themselves first. Screenshare Jamboard activity and give instruction: Match different parts of a postcard on the left with A-F (point out at the slide). Provide demonstration of how to do the matching activity in Jamboard. Tell them that they need to work in groups and each group has a separate slide (show the slides for each group in Jamboard). Group Ss in BORs, give them the number of their group and 3 min to do the task. ICQs: Do you need to match the parts of the postcard on left with 1-5? (yes) Do you do the task alone or in the group? (in the group) How much time do you have? (3 min) Screen share the answers on G-Slide, OCFB. Share a link to G-Form Guided discovery activity: Answer questions 1-6 about writing a postcard to a friend Go through the questions with Ss first. Ask them to work together in BORs to find the answers 1-6 (5 min) ICQs: How much time do you have? (5 min) Do you work alone or with a partner? (with a partner) Do you need to submit the answers? (yes) Questions: 3) Choose the best opening (greeting), A or B: A: Dear Ms. Smith B: Hey Emily/Hi Emily (correct answer) 4) Choose the best form, A or B: A: I'm having a great time in this city. It's so nice here! (correct answer) B: I am having a great time in this city. It is so nice here! 5) Match 1-2 with A-B: Yesterday I went to Times Square,... (completed action in the past) …, and tomorrow I’m going to visit Central Park (my plan for the future) 6) Choose the best closing, A or B: A: Love/ See you soon (correct answer) B: Sincerely yours/ Best regards Screen share answers in G-Slide, OCFB. Go through the questions and ask questions to clarify the language for the following writing activity: Do we use formal or informal language when we write a postcard to a friend? (informal) Do we use contractions or full forms in the body of a postcard? (contracted)

Productive Task(s) (15-15 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills

Tell Ss that now they are going to write their own postcards: Write a postcard to your friend about your city or a different place The body of your postcard should be about 30 words. You have 1 minute to think about the place your are going to write about in your postcard. Screen share Jamboard Writing activity with 15+ empty postcard slides. Give each student a number and instruct them on how to write their own postcards. ICQs: Do you write a postcard together or individually? (individually) How many words should you write in the body? (about 30) How much time do you have? (10 min) [Santiago], which slide should you use for writing your postcard? (students say their numbers) Give Ss 10 minutes to write their postcards individually. Monitor and help Ss if they have any questions while writing the postcards.

Feedback and Error Correction (10-10 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

Tell Ss that now they are going to pair check their postcards. Send Ss a G-Form link with checklist questions. Tell Ss: Check each other's postcards using this checklist. Provide demonstration using an image attached to G-Form checklist: (Point out at different parts of a postcard) Look at this postcard, does it have a date? Does it have an informal greeting? You have 5 minutes to check the postcard and give each other feedback. ICQs: Do you need to check your writing or your partner's? (partner's) Do you need to give your partner a feedback? (yes) How much time do you have? (5 min) Checklist: 1. Does it have a date? 2. Does it have an informal greeting? 3. Does the body of a postcard have ~ 30 words? 4. Does the body of a postcard have contractions (I'm/it's/we're,...etc)? 5. Does it have an informal closing? 6. Does it have a signature? (a name) 7. Does it have a friend's address? Praise Ss on their great work writing a postcard and checking their partner's work.

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