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Lesson 2
Pre-Intermediate level


This lesson is a continuation in the past continuous and the past simple with a focus on writing. Ss will practice writing a blog about a favourite photo.


Abc Blog Photos for Writing
Abc Blog Handout
Abc Powerpoint OHP slides

Main Aims

  • To provide Ss practice in writing a blog description of a favorite photo.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading and Grammar


Lead In (3-5 minutes) • Get Ss interested in the topic and link to the previous lesson

-T will use OHP to show a picture of themselves and talk about why it is one of their favourite pictures. -T uses OHP to show some prompts about favourite photos, Ss will use them to discuss in groups some of their own photos.

Blog Picture and Reading (Gist and Close) (8-10 minutes) • To provide Ss with a model for their writing through a reading

-T will show the word "Blog" on the OHP and elicit from the students what a blog is, writing ideas on WB -T will show a picture on the OHP and explain that someone chose it as their favourite picture on their blog -T asks Ss to discuss in your groups why it is someone's favourite picture -T shows blog post with picture on OHP and gives Ss 45 second to check if they were right -T gives handout with reading on it and Ss read again and complete exercise a alone, peer checking then T does whole class check

Grammar - Prepositions (3-5 minutes) • To review prepositions and highlight their use in the text

-T writes "in, of, on, around" on WB and have students fill in the blanks on their handout -T elicits answers from Ss fills in blanks on WB

Blog Writing (15-20 minutes) • Give Ss practice in the target productive skill (writing)

-T shows example blog photo with prompt questions on OHP and verbally demonstrates making up a story about the photo -T tries to elicit some more made up details from Ss -T give blog photos to each group and gives them a few minutes to write down some notes for each question (shown on OHP) -T gives each group a piece of paper and instructs students to write their blog post on it

Feedback on Writing (4-5 minutes) • Provide feedback on production and language

-Ss will post their writing on the walls next to their blog photos -Ss will go around the room and read each blog post -Once they are finished T asks Ss which ones they liked best and why -If time, Ss can swap blogs and correct, and T can note some general errors and correct on WB

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