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intermediate 3 level


In this lesson, students will review a range of vocabulary in the context of adjusting to a new place, they go through different stages including, meaning, form, and pronunciation. As a sub-aim students will listen to 3 different lectures in the same context, go through gist and detailed listening.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of common English expressions in the context of adjusting to a new place.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed listening practice using lectures in the context of cultures.


warm up (1-15 minutes) • To engage ss in the fisrt stage of the lesson.

- Students have to walk around the room with name tags of famous celebrities on their backs. They have to keep asking questions till they find the celebrity on their back, once answer guessed the student sits down.

Lead-in (1-10 minutes) • To engage ss in the context of adjusting to a new place.

- In partners Ask students to discuss the following questions: * Have you ever traveled outside Morocco? * was it easy for you to adapt with the new place? IF YOU HAVE NOT * What encounters have you had with people visiting your country? - As a feedback, ask ss to share what they found about their partners.

Pesentation of vocabulary "Adjusting to a new place" (1-15 minutes) • To provide a range of vocabulary in the context of "adjusting to a new place"

- In pairs, ask ss to go over the first exercise and match words with their meaning. - Highlight the meaning of each expression as feeding back.

Clarification of meaning, form and pronunciation (1-10 minutes) • To clarify form, meaning and pronunciation of the vocabulary set

- Highlight the meaning of any difficult word by providing extra examples. - Point out that these are expressions composed of two words that go in parallel. - drill the words you think student may not pronounce correctly ( barrier, habits, facial)

semi-controlled practice (1-15 minutes) • To provide ss with semi-controlled practice for adjusting a new place.

Task 1 - SS are given cut ups to match the words with their meaning. - make groups of 4 and ask to match the words to the right meaning. - As a feedback, each groups runs to the board and write their answers. the group of more answers wins the game. -Task 2 Ss have to think about a country they would like to visit and spend three months in it. - Ask them to complete the questionnaire on page 71ans share their partners' opinions

Pre-listening (3 minutes) • To activate students prior language of small taks and convesations.

- Ask students what topics they introduce for small talk or conversation with someone who they have never met before or do not know well.

While listening (10 minutes) • To provide students with less challenging gist and specific information listening tasks

Task 1 (gist) - SS will listen to three selections from different lectures. - SS have to guess the topic of each lecture. -correct the exercise as a whole class feedback. Task 2 (details ans specific information) -ss listen for the second time and complete the notes in ex B, Note that they have to write only one word pr two per blank. - Ask ss students foe their answers as a feedback.

Free practice (10 minutes) • To provide ss with a free practice to react to the listening tasks.

- In partners, Ask ss to think about the topics of the three lectures and pick up one of them. They have to thin of a time when either used or saw something from the lectures in real life. - ss can write notes to help them while speaking. -ss share their experience with their partners.

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