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C1 Advanced level


This is a writing lesson to make a persuasive email as the main lesson goal. Ss will focus on using comment adverbs.


Abc Lead-in
Abc Gist

Main Aims

  • To provide product in writing to create an email. In the context to send to an external company

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of introduction, paragraphs and closure
  • To provide clarification of comment adverbs
  • To provide brainstorming in the context of job request email


Lead-in (5 minutes) • To engage learners and activate their schemata (previous knowledge) and set the context of the class.

INSTRUCTIONS: During this pandemic, what must companies offer to workers as benefits and perks? Discuss with your partners. BOR / 2min DEMO: T gives sample answer: 'Companies should give free masks to all staff' T scaffold by allowing ss 30 sec to think ideas T gives instructions and sends Ss to BOR. T elicits opinions from students and T provides OCFB

Gist (2 minutes) • To provide an initial familiarity with the text

T displays slide with question: 'Imagine the ‘job of your dreams’ is floating around somewhere, what’s the first thing you need to do?' T instructs ss to read quickly (1min) and think about ideas? T elicits suggestions from ss. Possible Answers: email, CV, etc.

Layout (5 minutes) • To analyse and/or identify elements of layout that provide coherence and cohesion in the text.

T gives Slide presentation link on chatbox. INSTRUCTIONS: Read the extracts from city guides and advice websites and choose the better comment adverb: BOR /2 min ICQs: How long do you have? (2 min) T shows answers, asking CCQs and pointing out relevant points along the way.

Formulaic Language (5 minutes) • To analyse and/or identify language conventions in the text.

MEANING (2min) T shows box including three concepts: - To show surprise, disappointment, etc - To soften the effect of the statement - To help the reader understand the writer's intention T elicits GD questions to obtaining meaning FORM (3min) T nominates ss to answer questions: Adverbs are often collocated...? What goes after the comment adverb? T uses slide to demonstrate sentence structure to identify location of an item using the comment adverbs. T nominated s to give answers to remaining questions, correcting as necessary. APPROPRIACY T asks ss form Getting around by public transport is the best way to see Bangkok. Thankfully, the city has excellent transportation. Is it formal, informal or polite language? Formal and polite T asks if TL is formal or informal? Very formal T elicits Ss to type sentences using TL

Parallel Writing (5 minutes) • To practice the layout and language conventions previously seen in writing some writing exercises.

T tells ss they will type on a Padlet chat T sends link to Padlet form INSTRUCTIONS: What are the things we have to add on a job request email? Ss compare answers in a OCFB

Freer Writing (15 minutes) • To produce a similar text based on the sample for fluency purposes.

Ss continue on the same Padlet forum INSTRUCTIONS: Write a persuasive email to a company in order to be hired. Use TL in your email. Questions or doubts to T will be sent on Zoom chat box

Publishing & Feedback (10 minutes) • To allow learners to share their text and get feedback on the contents and language of their written production.

T instructs ss to review their peer’s final product using a checklist and make notes for partners Criteria: 3 correct adverbs at least Grammar Greeting and closure Persuasive Skills and previous experience T conducts OCFB for common errors and recap

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