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Teaching practice 4b
Upper-Intermidiate level


In this lesson students are going to talk about "the generation gap" . They work on listening skills ( gist and listening for details). They are going to learn " I'm used to.. and getting used to..". The students will work on "consonant clusters". Finally they will have speaking practices.


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Main Aims

  • The main aim is make students be able to pronounce consonant clusters as well as they can.

Subsidiary Aims

  • My sub-aim is to make students talk and try to pronounce consonant clusters well. And also, give them the chance to talk and build up their fluency.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To familiarize students with topic

T writes 'consonant cluster' on the board and asks Ss to guess what it means? This activity is held in pairs.

Stage-1 (5-7 minutes) • To Introduce consonant cluster

T shows some pictures and elicits the words. Then T drills the lexis. T asks Ss to stand up and sets them into two groups( if there are 10 Ss or more). Ss stand in the in the circle(s) and pass the pictures and pronounce the words.

Stage-2 (3-5 minutes) • Clarification

T elicits 'vowel' sounds'. Then asks them ' what are the consonant sounds? T asks Ss If they know the meaning of cluster, If not teacher explains what it means. When two more consonants come together we call It consonant cluster.

Stage-3 (4-6 minutes) • To drilling

T asks to listen the audio track and repeat after the speaker. Then T hands in the HO that includes the words. T plays the audio for second time and asks Ss to look at the words and drill them.

Stage-4 (10-15 minutes) • Practicing

In first activity Ss just need to Underline the consonant clusters on their own. Then Ss check the answers in pairs. The correct answers are on the board. The second activity is to complete the missing consonant on their own. Ss check the answers in pairs. The correct answers are on the board. In third activity Ss need to listen to the audio track and write down the word they hear. Ss check the answers in pairs. Answers are on the board. T does not monitor in two first activities. But In third monitors and If they need help, helps the Ss. The correct anwers are on the board.

Stage-5 (10-15 minutes) • Production

T gives a HO Including some sentences and charts to do 'find someone who'. T asks Ss to stand up and go around the class and talk to almost 4 people.T asks Ss to use the grammar' Used to' where it is necessary . When students finish the mingle, T gives some FB. ' yalchin tell me how many students do you talk to? Were you surprised by any of the answers?

Flexi task

If there Is some extra time T asks Ss 'Do you think there is such a thing as 'the generation gap'? Explain why or why not.

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