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Intermediate level


In this lesson, Sts first will talk about thir life experiences, then they will do matching and fill in the gap exercises together with speaking practice by asking questions to each other.


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Abc Matching & Fill in the gap Exercises
Abc Fill in the gap Exercise

Main Aims

  • To provide practice and clarification of Present Perfect Tense and Past Tense in the context of extreme situations

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of personal experiences


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To elicit information about the context and the question form of Present Perfect Tense

T attaches 4 pictures to the board (a horse, a tent, sushi and Italy). T asks the names of the items in the pictures and writes the answers under each picture, then she elicits information related to how to ask a person about his/her personal experiences. T writes "Have you ever....?" on the board, and asks questions to the Sts to elicit the meaning of "ever". T tells Sts to ask questions to each other about the pictures and answer them, in pairs. Then, T writes some examples of St's answers on the board.

Matching (7-8 minutes) • To form correct question forms in Present Perfect Tense

T tells Sts to match the questions with the other half in the exercise, in pairs, and she gives them the HO. Then, they ask the questions to each other and answer. T monitors the Sts and helps them if necessary. After that she writes some examples of wrong sentences on the board, and Sts try to correct them as WC.

Fill in the gaps (10-12 minutes) • To use the appropriate time expression with the related tense

T writes 4 sentences on the board with 3 possible missing time expressions for each one. Then, she attaches the time expressions to the board. T gives Sts 1 minute to think and brainstorm with their partners. After that, one by one they come and try to put the correct time adverb in the correct sentence. After Sts attach each time expression, T checks them with the WC. Then, T gives Sts a HO and they try to write the correct time adverb in the sentences. In the meantime, T monitors the students cosely.

Follow up (15-20 minutes) • To write appropriate questions and then speak about them

T asks Sts their favorite singer, and then explains one of her favorite singer by not giving the name and asks Sts to find the name of the singer. T attaches a picture of Shakira to the board and asks if anybody knows her full name. T writes/tells the answer: "Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll" T tells the Sts that they are going to read a short biography of her in parts of A and B, each part will have 7 missing information. First, T tells the Sts that they cannot look at the other part. Then, T puts them in groups of A and B and. In each group Sts work with their partner and write an appropriate question for each blank in the text. Then, T changes the partners and arranges the Sts to sit with a person from the other group with the help of the numbers written at the back side of each paper. T then tells the Sts to ask their questions to each other and fill in the blanks of their part.

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