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Elementary Teaching Practice 1
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will practice controlled speaking and reading for gist in the context of daily routines, as well as practicing the present simple 3rd person (spoken and written).


Abc Fernando Diaz Picture and Chart
Abc Rupert's Day Picture Sequence
Abc Power Point

Main Aims

  • Students will have practiced controlled speaking and reading for gist in the context of daily routines.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide restricted/controlled practice of the present simple 3rd person (both spoken and written). Students will also develop their knowledge of verbs of daily routines.


Stage 1 (Lead-In) (5-10 minutes) • To set context and generate interest; activate background knowledge

Ask students to list some things that they do every day. Check for understanding of "daily routine." Make sure they understand "free time." Have students look at a picture of Barack Obama and try and generate sentences about his daily life (simple present 3rd person). Assist students in coming up with several sentences.

Stage 2 (10-15 minutes) • Controlled speaking

Have students look at the picture and chart of Fernando on the screen. Give instructions to read the handout and in pairs and talk about daily routines Fernando may have, based on the picture and chart. Check instructions: "Are you writing anything?" "Are you speaking to one another?" Give students 5 minutes to generate sentences. While students are speaking, monitor conversations for pronunciation of the "s." Feedback: Do error correction by asking for some of the answers the students are getting wrong. Highlight the "s" sound for the ss. Drill some of the verbs if there is time.

Stage 3 (15 minutes) • To relate verbs with corresponding actions; to practice ordering words

Have the students count themselves off from one to four, and move to the corresponding table to work in groups. Demonstrate: Show the students the picture of Rupert in the shower from the Power Point. Ask them to identify the verb that tells what Rupert is doing. Ask for an example of a sentence that describes Rupert doing this as part of his daily routine. Instruct: Pass out the sets of pictures and words to each of the tables. Instruct students to match each of the verbs to the picture of Rupert doing the action. Tell them they are to say the verb while they are doing the activity. Check instructions: "Are you going to write anything?" "Are you going to say the verb?" "Does it matter which one you do first?" Monitor students as they do the activity to see if they are doing it correctly and to listen for pronunciation mistakes. Mix the groups, if necessary. Feedback: Check each group as they finish to see if they have matched the verbs and pictures correctly.

Stage 4 (15 minutes) • To practice ordering words, and encourage students to work on pronunciation of verbs

Instructions: Tell students that they need to put the pictures in order from first to last. Show them the first two pictures on the PowerPoint and have them describe them. Demonstrate: Give students examples of order words, "First," "then," "next," "last." Ask students if they can think of any other words they could use to signify time. Check instructions: "Are you going to put the pictures in order?" "Are you going to start with the action that happens first or last?" "Are you going to use order words?" Monitor students for pronunciation and ordering errors as they do the activity. Swap groups if necessary. Feedback: Show the students the correct sequence on the PowerPoint. Ask students to give a sentence for each picture. Offer error correction as needed.

Stage 5 (10 minutes) • Controlled speaking practice

Instructions: Ask students to turn over all of the pictures on the table. Explain they will turn over three pictures, and describe the routine, in order. Then, they will turn over three more, put all of the pictures in order, and describe them. Check instructions: "Will you be able to see all of the pictures?" "How many will you turn over?" "Will you put them in order?" Monitor students as the activity progresses, giving feedback as you go.

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