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Intermediate level


This lesson is designed to practice reading a text to find specific information. At the beginning, I will create interest on the topic by using some pictures, asking them questions, eliciting and pre-teaching vocabulary. Later, the learners will read the text with a task given to them and they will be asked to do a true/false activity. Finally in the post-stage, they will discuss about the passage.


Abc handouts,PPT illustrations,cuecards

Main Aims

  • To provide the STS practice reading for scanning through some activities like true/false.

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, STS will have practice the vocabulary related to text.


Warmer-Pre-reading:Showing pictures and eliciting words. (1-8 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students. This warmer will help the learners to be interested and involved in the reading task and get an overall idea of the lesson.

I prepared some pictures about the text. I will show the pictures for "success, virtue, recognition, achive ,accomplish, superior, downfall, count, fortune, individual" first and try to elicit the words. For the word "virtue": T shows pic of a mother and asks "Our mothers teach us...?" -love,respect,friendship,sisterhood etc. So what are these in general? -virtue

While-Reading: (1-8 minutes) • To make the learners read the text to locate a specific piece of information(scanning),true/false activiy

In the task, the Ss will read the text for five minutes and be divided in to three groups.Then he T gives them the handouts of true/false activity about the text. The T says: Read the text in five min. Work in pairs, Mark true or false according to the text. FB: The Ss will check the answers with other groups. ICQs: How many minutes do you have? Will you match them?

While-Reading/Vocabulary (1-8 minutes) • To provide the Ss practice vocabulary related to the text.

T gives divides Ss into 3 groups. Gives them cuecards of vocabulary. Tell them to match the words with the meanings. ICQs: Will you match them? FB: The Ss will come to board and stick the answers. T will be monitoring.

Post-Reading (1-6 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

T will divide them into 3 groups and give them some discussion questions about the text. Then they will mingle and ask the questions to other students. 1. What is success for you? 2. Can you name 3 successful people ? Why do you think so? T will wander and monitor.

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