Simten Simten

Unit 5
B2 level


In this lesson the auxiliary verb 'will' be used in immediate decision making. The students will be introduced to a context where they can make instant decisions. In this case the context is a restaurant role play. After the role play Ss will be given model sentences and practice worksheet. In the next step, the similar decision making context will be used to clarify the difference between will and going to for immigrate decision making. In final free practice Ss will be introduced to a personalized task where they can make immediate decisions in an airplane trip to Paris.


Abc Soars J & L, Headway pre-intermediate 4th edition students course book, Oxford university Press

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification
  • The usage of axuliary verb WILL in immediate desicion making.
  • Clarify the difference between will and going to in decison making.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Present / Warmer (3 minutes) • Using daily English language

At this stage the students will be practising appropriate usage of daily English language in a restaurant context.

Practise (5 minutes) • Grammar; will used in immediate decision making

Examples where will is used in decision making Subject +will+verb Subject+will+not+verb

Produce (5 minutes) • Speaking the TL

The students will be grouped and each group will pretend being in on a airplane. One student will be a steward or a stewardess. Others passengers. During a role play the Ss will make imediate decisions.

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