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Teaching Practice 5
Intermediate level


The lesson starts off with lead-in where students will practice sports vocabulary; especially verbs related to various sports. These stages will mostly involve speaking in groups. They will be presented with the target vocabulary and then asked to come-up with a description of the acts in that sport. The second half of the lesson will be about a reading where the students will be asked to do more individual and pair work doing certain exercises. These exercises will include reading for gist, in depth reading for topics in the reading and scanning for vocabulary.


Abc Reading Ex 2
Abc Reading Louise's Olympic Dream
Abc Reading Ex 3
Abc Listening Text

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of sports lexis in the context of Olympic games

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of actions in the context of sports
  • To provide gist, scan and detailed reading practice using a text about sports in the context of paragliding as a non-Olympic sport
  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of a sport


Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To activate schemata on the Olympics and sports in general

This part will involve only a series of questions regarding the recent denial of Istanbul for hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics. Although the Olympics are not all that popular in Turkey, Istanbul's candidacy did take its place in current events and thus, will help personalize the issue. Example questions will be: - Where did Erdoğan go a couple of weeks ago with a lot of ministers? Who won the Olympics? Did Turkey deserve Olympics? Would the Olympics be good for Turkey (VOTE!!!) - Do you watch the Olympics? Are there any sports you like? Are all sports in the Olympics? DO NOT LET THE DISCUSSION GO ON FOR TOO LONG!!!

Pre-Reading Lexis (7-8 minutes) • To introduce some sports and their collocate verbs

In this stage it is highly likely that most the Ss will know all or at least most the vocabulary given. The purpose is to make sure and let the Ss themselves raise each other's awareness on the subject. The stage will start with the presentation of realia, photographs of the sports in ex 1 of Speaking and Vocabulary. The T will ask the students what the sports are and whether they are in the olympics. ------------------- What type of sports are they? ----------------- PHYSICALLY ACTIVE Then the verbs in the same ex will be presented on the w/b. To have elicit the verbs (and for some fun!) the Ss will be asked to mime the verbs with various examples of the acts. The T then seperates the students into groups of three. Make sure there is at least one strong student in each group! The Ss will then work in the groups and match the verbs with the sports (as many as possible). T will ask individual students to write it on the w/b as the class goes on (to save time). When their time is done T will check with the whole class if the list is comprehensive for FB. Lastly the WC will be asked to name other sports that can also be collocated with the verbs.

Practice Pre-Reading Lexis (12-14 minutes) • Writing and speaking for accuracy in vocabulary

This stage is to get students to use the lexis in question as well as some new ones for some groups. Hopefully it will be lively and informative. The T will start by giving the text of the listening 2.26; ONE TO EACH GROUP and ask them to discuss which sport it is. During that time he will write down the name of four sports on a piece of paper that the Ss seemed to be interested in or may have done. By default they will be BASKETBALL, VOLLEYBALL, TENNIS, SWIMMING. The instuctions to write about the sport that they are assigned will be task. ASK THE STUDENTS TO BE QUIET SO THE OTHER GROUPS WILL NOT HEAR THEM!! If possible give the sports to those who have some interest and so may the terminology. Worst case scenario, if a group is weak give them FOOTBALL; or try to do a switch in the groups. Give the groups 6-7 minutes to write!! MONITOR and help with lexis. Make sure all the groups are finished and then each group will have someone read their explanation and the other groups will try to guess which sport it is for FB. Ask the whole class which of the sports are most POPULAR in Turkey; which sport is Turkey the BEST at; which is them most enjoyable; most interesting... MAKE SURE THEY UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE.

While-Reading Exercises (12-15 minutes) • To do a skim and in-depth reading of the text on Louise

The stage will involve both reading comprehension exercises in the context of Olympic sports and potentially learning some vocabulary through exposure. Before the giving the HO containing the text, the T will stress that the Ss need to read the text QUICKLY and emphasize they just need to answer the two questions! (skim reading) Give 1 min. Get FB by asking the WC the answers to the questions. Do CCQ on paragliding. Now give HO containing ex 2. Check that they understand the instructions and vocabulary in the exercise! (e.g. what is AMBITION? what is to mention?) Give them 5 min to read the text and find the odd one out then have them check and discuss with their partners for another 2 min. T monitors and assists the students; DON'T HELP WITH NON-CRUCIAL VOCABULARY IF IT REQUIRES A LOT OF TIME OR IS IN THE NEXT EXERCISE!!! T - WC / S-T; Elicit specifications on where each topic is with the text.

Post-Reading Exercise (6-8 minutes) • To learn the vocabulary and speaking for accuracy.

Give HO with ex 3. Make sure they understand it is a scanning ex by pointing out there is a hint; the ex provides the first letter of the word. Make do the exercise in 2 min and check with their partner for 1 min. ECDWS the concepts given (eliciting is mostly done).... Concept check: - Is Şerif Mardin a household name? - Do we compete during cleaning? - Is a football practice a sporting event? - Does Unicef sponsor Barcelona? Make the students work in pairs to answer the questions.

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