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Alternative therapies -Grammar
upper-intermediate level


In this lesson students will focus on functional language like phrases to express permission,obligation and prohibition.I will use guided discovery teaching approach.I will write a sentences from reading in the previous lesson on the white board "We had to make sure we didn't disrupt the day to day work of the police.The students will answer a series of questions that will help them to discover the meaning of the target functional language .The students will complete some exercises to practice the target language and I will set a task of listening .The students will listen and note down some key words for discussion in pairs and group work.


Main Aims

  • Language focus- models and phrases to express permission,obligation and prohibition.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening and speaking


Lead in (1-4 minutes) • To raise students' interest in the topic

Teacher will write a sentence from the reading in the previous lesson,ask one student to read the sentence .Then a question will be asked "can you think of alternative to "had to"?what does it mean by "had to"?(need to-were obliged to)

Stage 1 (6-10 minutes) • Introduce the target language

teacher will introduce the target language in context .Students will try to answer exercise 1 .They will try to rewrite the sentences using the phrases given .They will work in pairs and teacher will tell them "don't look at the reading text".Student will check their answers in pairs them they will look at the reading text to find the answers.teacher will get W/C FB.Students may have alternatives that are also possible.

Stage #2 (7-10 minutes) • Students discove the meaning of target language

The teacher will make a chart with the heading (permission,prohibition and obligation).Students in pairs will put the phrases from exercise one into the correct columns .while the students are working the teacher will make a similar chart on the white board and the students who will finish early ,will come to to board to write the phrases in the right places or stick strips of paper on the right order then teacher will get the answer from the whole class.

Stage #3 (3-6 minutes) • The students will practice the target language

Students will answer in pairs to complete the language analysis sentences with phrases and model verbs and the teacher will take feedback .In this stage the teacher will choose some sentences to drill .The teacher will choose exercise from the work book "choose the best verb forms to complete the text.They will answer in pairs or in two groups and the early finishers will check against the answer key from the wall then return back and check the right answers with their peers

Pre-teaching vocabulary (3-5 minutes) • Students will know the pre task .Teacher will elicit a word "acupuncturist" using some questions and a picture .

I wiil ask students about alternative therapies .teacher will show them a picture of acupuncture and acupuncturist. Students will listen to a story about alternative therapists.Teacher will tell them that write on wb some a question like what happened?Students listen again and will note down keywords

stage#3 (5-6 minutes) • Students will complete a series of controlled and freer exercises.

Students will listen to a story about alternative therapists.Teacher will tell them that write on wb some a question like what happened?Students listen again and will note down keywords(controlled practice)

Post listening task (5-10 minutes) • (Speaking as a freer speaking exercise)

Students will note down keywords .Teacher will ask them to rewrite the story using their noteswhen they finish they will check their answers if they have any differences with the target language the teacher will discuss the whole class if they had the same meaning as the original

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