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Teaching Practice 6
Intermediate level


The lesson will follow a PPP structure to teach the students the topic of "causatives" in grammar. First, there will be a presentation with a lead-in and a series of CCQs and introduction of form and ordering (with the terminology). Next the students will do two reading exercises to further secure their knowledge of the form. Last, they will, hopefully, get a better understand of the topic by speaking to each other in a "society function" setting where each one will assume the role of a celebrity or socialite.


Abc HO 2
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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of causative in the context of celebrity lifestyle

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice of causatives in a conversation in the context of celebrity lifestyle.
  • To engage in reading exercises which allow the students to comprehend the causative form.


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To provide context for TL and to elicit the actions related to it.

Show the realia to the students. Ask them about the daily needs of each celebrity and whether or not they do it themselves. Elicit the verbs regarding what they are doing in each hypothetical case. E.g. Rahmi Koç tells his employees to prepare a report; Beren Saat pays people to have her make-up done, Drogba asks his wife to bring him a glass of milk (before he sleeps) :D Then ask the general question about whether we (the normal people who don't have such pull :)) do the same things? !!!

Pre-task Introduction (10-12 minutes) • To teach the general form of the causatives

Put the table adapted by the one on p. 148 of StraightForward Teacher's book on the board. The sentences will be there. Answer the questions on the headings with the students. Next present the form table on p. 111 of StraightForward StBk. empty. Fill it out with the students. ---------- POINT OUT WE SIMPLY ADD "BY" TO SPECIFY THE PERFORMER OF THE ACT!!

Reading Practice 1 (7-8 minutes) • To read and correct mistakes in sentences

The T will pass out HO 1 containing ex 1 and ask students to correct the sentences that need correcting in pairs. Since this is the first ex the students may need some support; it is better for fellow Ss to provide this than the teacher. ----------- MIX THE SS UP AND PAIR WEAK / STRONG ------- The exercise has a nice range of possible mistakes the students may do and will allow them to see potential mistakes that may be made. The T will monitor the students during the exercise. Th exercise does not seem all that complicated so the students should Then the students will do a FB by correcting the sentences on the board. The ex question will previously written by the T on a word document and projected.

Reading Practice 2 (7-8 minutes) • To practice TL by transforming the sentences.

The teacher will pass out HO 2 and will ask the students to do the exercise INDIVIDUALLY!!! He/she will demo the first one in order to make sure the students get the instructions BUT he will try to elicit the answer. The Ss will be given around 5 min and then they will be asked to check their answers with their partners for 2 min. The w/b will then be used to do FB on the questions. After this the teacher will quickly write the occupations presented in ex 3 of p. 111 on the w/b. The students will then asked which occupation each one sentence is referring to.

Pre-task preparation (8-9 minutes) • To get the students to produce sentences about the TL

The teacher will ask the students to imagine that they are a celebrity right now who is RICH. Then they will write down one sentence for each tense about stuck-up stuff they would ask people to do!! However the sentences WILL NOT be in the "I would..." form. They are these people right now!!!! Demo the exercise. The T can potentially be the Lord of Yorkshire (with an English accent). She/he performs the task: "The other day, I had my butler get me Beren's phone number. We talked and now she is my girlfriend. I have my milk prepared by her every night! The students will be given 5-6 min to prepare their sentences and then pairs will be asked to check their partner's sentences for 2 min.

Speaking Task (5-7 minutes) • To speak for accuracy using the TL

Depending on time the students will either: (1) Read each other one of the sentences they like to the rest of the class. The T will correct them if the necessary. (2) Have the whole class stand up and pretend they are at a society party and talk among themselves describing their "colorful" lives. Demo using yourself.

Flexi Stage (5-7 minutes) • To speak for accuracy using the TL

If things go fast and the T thinks they are getting along without problems with regards to the grammar he will next ask the students to "one-up" each other. He can also, with the permission of the instructor and peers, ask students to perform this task non-assessed even if there is no time left, but this will be highly unlikely (there will be three lessons). Nevertheless maybe a 5 min overtime would be okey.

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