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Interviews, Tell Me About Yourself
Intermediate level


In this lesson students improve their listening and speaking skills. The lesson starts with discussion about interviews and some words are introduced to students related to the listening exercise. Then, teacher plays the record. Students are instructed to answer the questions in the book. Answers are discussed together. Teacher talks about some expressions -which are parts from dialogues- about introducing a question and introducing opinion and drills sentences on page 128. Finally The conversation on page 129 is practised after finding mistakes in it.


Abc Listening exercises handout
Abc Dialogue Papers

Main Aims

  • To provide listening practice using a text about Interviews in the context of Job, University, Student

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation, debate in the context of interview


Warm up (5-6 minutes) • To review what we talked about in the last hour. To introduce new vocabulary for listening part.

O/C brainstorm about what should/shouldn't be done in an interview. Eliciting the words 'interviewer' and interviewee'.

Pre-listening exercise (5-7 minutes) • To introduce new words which are used in the interviews we will be listening to.

Words 'expectation', 'refresh','optional', 'tutor', 'demanding' are elicited to students. T tries to explain words by giving examples related to the topic 'interview'. After explaining, written forms are shown to ss on WB.

Gist Listening (9-10 minutes) • To enable ss listen for gist. To have them catch main points.

Ss are told that they going to listen three different interviews. Ss find out what type of interviews they are, which interviewee is acting in a wrong way. They answer the questions in part 4A. Answer are checked in pairs and then O/C. Then they are asked to do B part with the information they remember from first listening.

Listening for a specific information (9-10 minutes) • To enable ss understand conversations more clearly. To make them focus on specific ideas.

Ss listen to conversations again and they try to find answers for all of the questions. They correct their mistakes and complete their task. O/C discussion is made about the answers. Ss are nominated for F/B.

Focus on a expressions (5-6 minutes) • To explain students why auxiliary 'do' is used. To teach ss expressions of question and opinion.

T writes the sentence 'I do have a quary' on board and ask students if auxiliary 'do' is neccessary. Starts a class discussion about the sentence and elicits the difference between sentences with and without 'do'. Ss are instructed to do exercises 5A -B in pair. They underline expressions about questions and opinions. While they are working in pairs T sticks dialogue papers on the WB and asks ss to come and underline the expression.

Optional filler (5-6 minutes) • To drill expressions of question and opinion.

Ss look at page 128/1.3 'talk about yourself part'. T drills the expressions. Ss find mistakes on conversation an page 129/1/3.

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