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"A Day in Cairo", Past simple negative
Elementary level


In this lesson students will learn the past simple (negative). This will be a review of past simple, only they will learn to negative form. They will go over the meaning, form and pronunciation of 'didn't'. They will practice in writing and discussing using 'didn't.


Abc A. Presentation-Grammar-Past simple negative
Abc 1. Writing-Activity-Write sentences including the past simple negative
Abc Context-Reference text: "A Day in Cairo"
Abc B. Pronunciation-Grammar-Past simple negative
Abc C. Practice, Grammar, Past simple negative
Abc 2. Writing activity-Read and guess
Abc Pronunciation

Main Aims

  • This lesson will focus on grammar. Students will learn about the past simple tense in the negative form. The context will be about travel to Cairo, and students will refer to the text they read called "A Day in Cairo" during the clarification stage and the task stage.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will practice the target language (past simple negative) by writing for accuracy.


"A Day in Cairo" (3-5 minutes) • To set the context about the text we will refer to.

I will put a photo of a Sphinx and a Hotel and have them guess where this is. They will know it's in Cairo because this context was already set before my lesson. They will also have a guessing activity at the end of the lesson, so this is why I will have them practice guessing where a place is.

Grammar Presentation (10-12 minutes) • To teach students the past simple (negative)

They will refer to their text "A Day in Cairo" and Activity 1a and find the target language that I will write on the whiteboard. Then I will write how we form the past simple negative. I will point out that the main verb doesn't change into the past. I will ask them CCQs according to the statements from the text to check they got the meaning of the grammar. Students will learn pronunciation and focus on the expressions. They will look at 1b and listen to 2.28.

True or False? (10-12 minutes) • To practice the past simple (negative)

Students will unfold their handout that I gave them in the last stage. The teacher will model the first example in activity 1c. and they will do the rest individually, then check in pairs. The teach will elicit students to write the correct answers on the board if the answer is false.

Writing (10-12 minutes) • For students to practice the target language and understand the next activity

The teacher will do a model example of the activity for the students. The teacher puts a couple of photos of Venice on the whiteboard and the students guess where the teacher went. The teacher writes three sentences on the whiteboard. "I took a gondola ride on the Grande Canal." "I didn't see an opera at the Teatro la Fenice but I did take many pictures of the beautiful opera house." "I didn't get to visit St. Mar'c Square". The students will write guess where I was, they will write sentences and I will go around and monitor/check. Then the students will work individually to write some sentences of a place they went or a place they imagine they went.

Writing (10-12 minutes) • For students to write using the target language.

Then the students will work individually to write three or four sentences about what they saw/did/didn't see/didn't do at a place they went or a place they imagine they went. Then they will see if their partner can guess where they went. Teacher will elicit the student's to see the results and if any of them could guess.

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