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Entertainment and television. Vocabulary and speaking.
Intermediate grade. level


In this lesson Students will have the opportunity to improve fluency, pronunciation and accuracy during conversation practice in the context of their favorite channels, radio programmes and TV movies. They will learn also about Ed and ing adjectives.


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Main Aims

  • To review adjectives ending in ED and ING.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist, specific information and detailed listening practice using pictures about a TV programmes they can be interested in.


Warmer/ Lead-in • To set lesson context and engage students. To activate schemata

Good morning Students. I will Ask Students to write out name cards to remember them. I will introduce the context Tv and radio programmes. I will stick on the white board photos of actors, of TVs, radio... I will distribute handouts. I will ask students what they think about these pictures and to describe a little.Student can take 1 minute to think about the photos and give quick answers. I will nominate a feedback and check answers.

Activity 1 • To provide exposure and context for the target language. favorite TV and Radio programme.

Ask students to work in group and which thing do/don t they prefer. Watching satellite TV, Listening to the radio...... Eliciting some words: Documentaries, Murder mysteries, sports programmes. Asking student what are their favorite TV and radio programmes. I will give them 3 minutes to think and do the activity individually after they check each other and I ll give some feedback. Asking students if they can think about any other types of Tv or Radio show. We will add them to the box.

Activity 2 • To draw students attention to the target language and new lexis in the context of favorite Satellite Cable TV.

I will ask student to work in pairs and asking which types of Tv and Radio programmes do they describe in their country? They can take 1 minute to think about it. I will ask them to compare their answers I will ask them to work in groups and dicuss " How would you like to change TV in your country ? They take 2 minutes to think about it. Ask them in general, we discus answer and I give some feedback.

Language Focus. -ed/ing adjectives. • To show pictures of -ed and ing adjectives.

I will introduce the topic, and ask some questions about -ed and ing adjectives. I would give a short definition of -ed/ing adjectives. I will ask students to give examples. they can take 4 minutes to think about the question, working in pairs and giving answers. I will check their answers and give some feedback with more clearer explanations. I will show the a photo and ask them " What kind of programmes are the people watching"? They will complete the descriptions in A with the adjectives in B. I will give them 2 minutes to do the activity, after checking after feedback.

Grammar • asking students to find examples of -ed and ing adjectives.

I will ask students to choose the correct answers individually I will ask them to check answers in pairs. After I will check answers with them.

Practice • Checking the meaning of the adjectives.

I will ask students to check the meaning of the adjectives by describing typical situations in which they might feel disappointed, embarressed, frustrated etc... I will ask students to work individually After they check their answers in pairs. after checking answers with the class.

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