Mehti Mehti

'What shall we get him?'
Elementary, L1 level


In this lesson, students learn some words related to 'birthday' as well as asking for suggestion, making suggestion and responding to it.


Abc Chris Redstone & Gillie Cunningham
Abc Handouts
Abc Chris Redston

Main Aims

  • Function

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking and listening


Warmer/Lead-in (7 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Drawing students' attention to the photo and asking them if they remember Tanya from previous lessons. Eliciting that Simon is her husband and telling students that they are talking about their friend Tom's birthday. Pre-teaching the upcoming vocabulary (birthday) present by using paper birthday box, pointing at it eliciting the name, explaining and presenting it to one of the students and focusing on the title of the section to establish that 'get' means 'buy' in this context.

Receptive skills-listening (4 minutes) • increasing student listening skills

Students listen to the conversation (ex.9) and fill the gaps.

Productive skills (15 minutes) • To provide student with extra vocabulary and gap fill activity and drill

Students are given handouts on sentences with gaps (asking for suggestion, making suggestion, responding to suggestion). Related words will be written on the board. In pairs they will use them and fill in the gaps. Then they will listen and check. 'Suggestions' will be explained and drilled.

Productive skills (speaking) (8 minutes) • Encouraging students to interact with each other

Students work in pairs and choose a role, 'Tanya' or 'Simon' and vise versa and practise conversation in pairs.

Productive skills (6 minutes) • Letting student practise more speaking

Each student will be given 2 candies and they will choose 2 students to give it to and practise the sentences such as 'Happy birthday, 'Maria'. This is for you etc. (ex 12).

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