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Clothes - TP8
Beginner level


In this lesson T will apply a test of clothing items to check sts’ previous knowledge regarding the theme of clothes. There are two categories: The words you know and the words you don’t know. While sts divide the words into groups t will monitor and see which words(s) are unknown and highlight the meaning on the board through visuals of the clothing items. After that T will review the form of “noun phrase (adj. + noun)” such as pink dress, black trousers etc. Here lastly T will focus on the pronunciation. Afterwards there will be a board rush game where sts will try to collect the correct pictures of the items T says. Then the sts will be given pictures of different people. They don’t show these photos to each other. The members in pairs will ask the question “what’s s/he wearing?” and the other will answer. When they are finished T will ask each student what's the person on their partner's picture wearing?. The last activity will be that sts will describe a person in their class for their group members' to guess who s/he is. At the end of the lesson there will be delayed error correction.


Abc visuals of clothing items - T made.
Abc test - T made.
Abc visuals of people - T made.

Main Aims

  • To practice the clothing items vocabulary in the context of visuals showing separate clothes and people wearing these clothes.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review sts previous knowledge of Present Continuous tense when describing what people wear.
  • To provide accuracy in speech while describing people's clothes.


Test (3-5 minutes) • To check sts' previous knowledge of the lexical set of clothes.

As there are too many clothing items, T will give sets a list of words and ask sts to put those words into categories of "the words you know" and "the words you don't know". While sts are completing the task T will monitor them and note down the unknown words before using visuals to check the meaning in the next stage. (blazer vest blouse uniform boots cap coat dress trousers glasses high heels tie sweatshirt jacket sweater suit jeans jersey socks raincoat trainers scarf shirt shoes skirt)

Focus on Meaning (5-7 minutes) • To provide clarification of the clothing items sts will be using in the upcoming stages.

Upon monitoring students during the first stage T will show the visuals of clothes and wait for sts to say the word that defines the clothing item on the picture aloud. T will try to elicit vocabulary as much as possible. She will focus on the words that sts may not know (blazer-blouse-cap-high heels-jacket-jersey-scarf-shirt-skirt-socks-suit-sweater-sweatshirt-tie-trainers-trousers-vest) CCQ: (for raincoat) Do we wear this when there is sun? (No.) When it's raining? (Yes.)

Focus on Form (3-6 minutes) • To review the usage of clothing items and adjectives grammatically.

T will ask if she's wearing "a dress pink" or "a pink dress". Then she will elicit some noun phrases by asking questions like, What's Eda wearing today?, What's Habibe wearing today? etc. T will write the answers on the board and highlight the form of noun phrase which is adj. + noun and the form of Present Continuous tense.

Focus on Pronunciation (3-5 minutes) • To provide sts with the correct pronunciation of the words and using stress correctly in a noun phrase.

T will point the sentences on the board and drills these sentences in the guidance of present continuous tense weak form of "I'm, She's, He's, You're etc." and stress patterns of noun phrases like red dress, pick shoes, blue blazer etc., stress being on the noun itself.

Board rush game (5-8 minutes) • To review sts' understanding of the clothing items shown in the previous stages.

T will divide the class into two groups. Mostly the pictures of the words they didn't know and learnt in the previous stages will be on the board. T will say the word and each group member standing in front of the board will rush and try to get the matching picture.

Practice (6-8 minutes) • To make students use the TL through the visuals they will be given separately.

Sts will work in pairs and each group member is going to be given different picture people but they will not show these pictures to their partners. They will ask each other the question that "what's s/he wearing?" and wait for their partner to describe the clothes on the pic and take notes. When they completed the task T will ask what's the person on your partner's photo is wearing? and they will answer orally.

Guess Who? game (5-7 minutes) • To encourage sts to use TL by describing their friends' clothes

Sts will be in pairs and they will describe a person's clothes without telling his/her name so that the other member should guess the name according to the description.

Error Correction (3-4 minutes) • To provide delayed error correction after the productive task

After monitoring sts during the activities, T will correct the errors regarding meaning, form and pronunciation, she will highlight the TL.

Review (2-3 minutes) • To review the whole lesson T will ask some questions for sts to answer orally.

Depending on the time left T may ask the question "what are you wearing today?" to review the whole lesson.

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