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Skills lesson-Reading
─░ntermediate B1 level


This will be a reading, skill lesson, by guided discovery based on reading three short texts in the context of travel through films.The lesson will start with a discussion about interesting places to travel.This will be followed by a matching cut ups to illuminate the difficult lexis before a gist reading where students will read and define the titles and the places .Texts are about movies which were produced at different places in the world.Than the lesson will continue with a scan reading where SS have to answer comprehension questions. Finally there will be some free speaking practise.


Abc Reading texts
Abc cut-ups

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about films, places in the context of travel, films

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversaton in the context of travel, films


stage 1 (5-8 minutes) • Lead in

-Teacher asks the question : 'Do you like traveling? Do you know any interesting places to travel?' -As a pre-reading activity, the T will give cut-ups of some words from the texts -SS will match the cut-ups tp their definition in groups.than check other groups matches. -T will give the AK as a feedback

Stage 2 (10-14 minutes) • Reading for the gist

-The teacher will give the handouts of the texts.Students will read individually than try to guess the film names and the places that they were filmed and write in the blanks within a time limit. -SS will check their answers with their pairs. -as a feedback after eliciting ss answers, T will tell or write on the board the answers if necessary.

Stage 3 (15-17 minutes) • Reading in detail

-The T will give a HO with comprehension questions about the text -The ss will read through the text individually and then check with their peers their answers -The T will give the AK.

stage 4 (5-8 minutes) • speaking-freer practice

-The ss will discuss in groups -What's your favorite kind of film ? why ? -Are there any interesting countries or places in the world that you want to visit.Why? -T will monitor and help the students if necessary, and take notes for later correction-feedback.

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