Family Tree
Elementary level


In this lesson ss use and practice family related vocabulary, posessives and have got has got. They read, listen and speak as well as draw and guess at the final stage.


Main Aims

  • To give ss controlled practice of family vocab, possesive's & have/has got

Subsidiary Aims

  • Integrated skills-reading, listening, speaking


Lead-in (9-11 minutes) • Arouse ss interest in the lesson/Review the family members vocab

Give out HO of Simpson's family tree. Show the video of Simpsons family which elicits the family members vocabulary. Ss answer as a whole class according to the family tree they see.

Focus on Form and meaning (7-8 minutes) • Reading for specific info

Show Ss the family tree on p. 119 – explain who Molly & Steve are. Divide the class into two groups – A & B – tell them to read the information & write the names of Molly & Steve’s family onto the family tree. Within the groups, put Ss in pairs. Give group A Worksheet A, & group B Worksheet B. Ss work in pairs to put the names onto the tree. Then get the pairs to check with other pairs from the same group – either monitor carefully to ensure both groups have got their ans correct – or give them their ans keys.

Controlled practice/focus on form and meaning (9-10 minutes) • Using the TL

Get Ss to notice that they only have half the tree complete. Elicit & drill a few useful questions – e.g. Who’s Molly’s father?” Take back Worksheets A & B Regroup Ss into pairs A & B (maybe sitting back to back) – they then ask & ans questions to complete the tree. Monitor & make sure they’re using the TL - & not just saying “Who’s number 7?” – Also take notes of any errors with TL.

Feedback (3-4 minutes) • Error correction

FB – Ss can check their trees together. Ask a few questions to check ans Ss switch papers, do peer-check, ask and ans questions, report to class

Wheel game (9-11 minutes) • Practice and use TL

Ss are asked to write 4 names of distant relatives they have. Teacher writes a prompt on the board:"Ayse is my mother's sister-in-law" Ss stand in a form of a wheel (in 2 circles facing each other). The outer circle moves around changing partners (from the inner circe) during the game. In every new pair ss exchange their name papers and ask question:"Who is Ahmet?" The partner answers. Then the latter asks the same about his friend's name paper.

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