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Teaching Practice 6
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will listen to a conversation about 'Going into Business' for gist and specific listening tasks. They will follow this with 'Grammar Activities' in the context of the conversation. Students will learn the grammatical structure of 'Reported Speech'.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Reported Speech in the context of 'Going into Business'

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening using a text about 'Going into Business'.


Warmer/Lead In (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T. asks, 'What kind of business could you make, if you had a chance?' 'How much money can you borrow from the bank?' 'Do you dare to take it?' Would you be scared to take it?' 'Is it risky?' Have you ever run a business in your life?' T. makes Ss talk about the context.

Pre-Listening (2-3 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible

T. asks ' What do you think the next conversation is about?' Elicit some guesses about what they might talk about in the conversation and put them on the board.

Gist Listening (5-8 minutes) • To provide students with less challenging gist listening

T. gives HOs. Ss will listen the conversation for gist , work in pairs and answer the questions in exercise 3a.

Detailed Listening (3-5 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed and listening

Ss will listen to the conversation again, work in pairs and fill the gaps in exercise 3b. T. sticks the answers on the wall and Ss will check their answers with their pairs. At last T. cehck their answers as a whole class activity.

Grammar (10-15 minutes) • To help The Ss using Reported Speech

T. asks some questions for eliciting the 'Direct and Indirect Speech'. T. writes the first and third sentence from exercise 3b, uses some CCQ's and elicits the orginal speech. T. draws a chart on the board and wrtites the form of 'Reported Speech' and gives details about the form. Ss. will work in pairs and they will find the direct and indirect speech in exercise 3b.

Test (5-10 minutes) • to practice with the grammar

Ss will do exercises in 5a, 5b by using 'Reported Speech'. They will use the words in brackets and rewrite the sentences in a correct form. They will work in pairs.

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