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Beginner level


In this lesson SS will communicate, use grammar and practice pronunciation about clothes -


Abc Pupil's Book
Abc Blu tack
Abc CD
Abc Flash cards
Abc Marker pens
Abc White board
Abc Activity Book
Abc Finger puppets
Abc Old shoe
Abc Paper written "old" and "new"

Main Aims

  • To provide speaking practice, while asking and answering questions about clothes.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice pronunciation.


Warmer-lead in (2-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage SS

Greet the SS Sing the "Hello, how are you" song

Revision of vocabulary and grammar (3-5 minutes) • To recognize the vocabulary and use "I've got.."

Show SS the flascards and revise the vocabulary. Demo; hold up one picture card and say e.g. I've got a shirt Give SS their cards Let SS hold up their card and respond as "I've got a shirt, too!" Repeat with the rest of the cards.

Intoduce vocabulary (10-12 minutes) • Diffenciate between "new"and "old"

Pre-teach the word "new" Show the SS an old shoe and new one a old t-shirt and new one Put the new and old written paper on the board Tell SS that you are going to listen to a chant ; What clothes does Katie ask Jack about? Listen to the chant with Katie and Jack(CD2, track 6) Give out the WS page 33 Play the CD again SS follow the paper and say the chant Divide SS into two groups One for the questions (Katie) One for the answers (Jack) Demo one or two times Play the CD again and SS say the chant Change roles

Language practice (10-15 minutes) • Asking and answering questions; using is this your...? and are these your....?

Show Squeak and Pip Squeak asks Pip "Is this your hat? Yes, it is!" "Are these your gloves? No, they aren't" Explain to SS that if there is a X on the clothes, then it means that item of clothing doesn't belong to Pip. Say Let's ask Pip about all the clothes! Hold up the Squeak puppet and get the SS to repeat the questions for each picture after T Repeat, individual S asking and the rest answering Put SS in pairs One is Squeak and the other one is Pip Practice asking and answering Monitor and make sure everyone takes a part At the end (if there is any need or if times allows) ask couple of pairs to come up and act out the exchanges to the class.

Pronunciation (5-10 minutes) • To discriminate between words which start with /s/ and /ƒ/

Have pictures of the clothes, put them on the board and write the words underneath Make the sounds s and sh Tell SS that we are going to listen to CD First listen circle what you hear and say Play CD2 track 8 pause if necessary Check the items that start with /ƒ/ Play again and listen/repeat 1.shirt 5.shorts

Listening (5-10 minutes) • Controlled practice

Look at the pictures by asking e.g. Number one?(It's coat) Go through all of them. Tell SS that Katie, Alex, Pip and Squeak are asking Jack questions. Listen and circle the things that are Jack's. Play the CD once or twice (CD 2, track 9) SS listen and circle the items. Check the answers by asking SS will answer

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