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Main Aims

  • Vocabulary - getting on with neighbors
  • Grammar: articles, quantifiers

Subsidiary Aims

  • reading for specific information


warmer (8-9 minutes) • to introduce context of getting on with neighbors

Situation: You live in a flat and the people below you are always playing very loud music late at night, which keeps you awake. You have asked them many times not to play music after 10pm, and they agree politely, but continue. What would you do? Discuss in groups. Elicit responses. Has anything like this ever happened to you? Elicit responses.

DIscussion - ex 1 (6-8 minutes)

Discuss questions in group. Give examples

ex 2a (13-15 minutes)

read the words in bold. Discuss their meaning in groups. THEN, individually match the words in 1-6 with the words in a-f. Talk in your groups, which sentences are true for you?

Reading (12-15 minutes) • to practice reading for specific information and details

Pre reading: ex 3a - read the statement and GUESS which answer is correcy. ICQ - are we reading the text? not yet Reading - read and check your answers second reading - read and answer ex 4 questions. Discuss in groups, elicit answers.

Grammar: articles (17-20 minutes) • to practice using articles

Ex 5 on projector, students fill in gaps. Ex 6, students complete the gap fill. Put on projector, each student writes 2 answers. Elicit which rule was used in each example. Article Handout

Article snakes and ladders (25-30 minutes) • To practice using articles

Two groups, each with a board. students make squares of paper with names on for game pieces. students take turns rolling the dice. before player moves, player picks up a card and answers the question. If correct, player may move. Explain snakes and ladders squares.

Grammar: quantifiers (20-21 minutes) • to introduce and practice quantifiers

Elicit - what does quantity mean? Elicit the amount of something. Elicit examples. What is wrong with this sentence? Istanbul has cars. Ex 7A, elicit answers. projector. ex 7B, elicit answers. projector. ex 8a, elicit answers. projector. ex 8b, students discuss situations in groups. Who is the good / bad neighbor? what makes a good neighbor, what qualities should they have?

Vocabulary - multi word verbs (20-25 minutes)

pg 70, ex 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b, 10c


exercises on projector, students fill in gaps

review relay race (12-15 minutes)

2 or 3 groups. give each group a set of sentences with errors. students must correct the errors. check each error before they move to the next one.

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